Friday, June 29, 2012

a girl like you

Derrick thought Henry fixed his phone. However, Dorian was still texting him. He didn't dare look to see what  was up with Dorian. He knew it couldn't be friendly stuff with Dorian. No, there was only one thing Dorian wanted from him, and it disgusted Derrick that he'd been that kind of shameless guy with him.

But that was last year. He told himself this. He winced as he looked at all the messages Dorian had filled his in-box with. He was busy deleting them, when he saw Josie in the doorway of his room.

He looked at her wide-eyed. She looked different. Her stomach was bigger for one thing. And a chill ran through him, he'd done this to her. Her body might never be the same after the baby. He felt quite miserable. As if he couldn't do anything right.

He imagined if Henry had been in his situation, he would have been by Josie's side 24/7. Maybe Derrick had this gene that ran in his family, where you ran from responsibility. Wasn't that what his Dad was doing? His father left so much for his mother to do, and then she got sick....

Derrick's throat tightened. He was certain, history was repeating its self. Was it too late to be the friend that Josie needed?

"There is something, you need to know." She informed him, as if she'd had a change of plans, or news from the doctor's office. Maybe the baby was coming early.

"Oh?" He looked at her blankly, but he didn't ask her to come in his messy room. All his electric guitars were taking up the room, on the floor, even his bed.

"You're gonna have to get over the fact, about..about me and Ian." She was solemn. No expression.

"Ian?" He tried to put it out of his mind that he'd even saw Ian's car here. "What about him?" He avoided Ian. Still. It just worked out that way. It worked better that way, in fact. Out of sight. Out of mind. He wished the same thing was working with Dorian. If only he could get a new phone, he was certain, he'd let the battery die in this one and never go back to it.

"I..I like him." She said as she hugged herself. "In fact, I know.." She sighed as she looked away. "I know you wouldn't understand, but I need him. And he needs me. OK? And it has nothing to do with  you. It doesn't. I'm not trying to get back at you. He's not trying to hurt you, either. He's not." Her face was so intense.

"I get it." Derrick gritted. As if it wasn't complicated enough.

"So, you can handle it. If..if he's around?" Josie wanted to know.

Derrick couldn't help but swell a frown. He nodded. He couldn't talk about it. His cell came to life in his hands. Derrick looked to see who texted. It was Dorian. It was as if Dorian knew he'd cleared out his in-box just so he could fill it up with texts, again.


Sara said...

I like that she is being strong and standing up for herself.

ivy said...

He's complicated. I hope he will have more confident himself.

Cait said...

I think I'd be in limbo too. But I hope he won't give up on what the future holds.

meg said...

I wonder what is up with Dorian?

Well, I hope they will be there for each other.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope Derrick stays true to his word. :/