Wednesday, June 27, 2012

me to the rescue

Even Audrey surprised herself. It felt good being at a computer. She didn't have a computer at home. It had been years since she'd done this sort of stuff. She didn't even put it down on her application. She'd done a work study at the University library, ages ago.

Audrey figured they'd try to test her, and she wouldn't know squat about any of this kind of thing. But she found the database easy enough. And she even managed to download the records into the library system.

Honestly, Audrey hadn't felt this good about anything for a long time. Except for the cat. She loved her cat.

 She got the feeling Henry hated her. He wouldn't even speak to her at his house. It was as if she'd stole Aidan from him. Audrey knew he wanted her job as a shelver, but the thing was he was really good with this sort of library stuff. He didn't need to be putting books away. Neither, did she.

"So, you gonna let me run tech?" Audrey asked an hour later while she was brewing herself some tea in the breakroom while Kayla was on her iPhone.

"Not my department." Kayla looked up at her as if she didn't trust her.

"Where's the director?" It looked like Kayla was in charge. Milo was out front at circulation with some other clerk.

"Vacation." Kayla was busy with something on the web.

"Great." Audrey said ever so sarcastically. It was like this place to want the part-timers to run it.

Just then the phone rang. The phone call was directed to Kayla.

Audrey could see Kayla really didn't want to take it. She knew Kayla wasn't as perky and perfect as she liked to let on.

Audrey sipped her tea and watched. She immediately could see Kayla was no longer in a good mood.

"What? You found out you're gonna have twins?" Audrey glared at her.

Kayla rolled her eyes. "No, its Mildred. She's in the hospital." Kayla sighed. "That was her daughter. Mildred had a stroke."


Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice to see Audrey feeling needed. :)

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ivy's closet said...

So sad about Mildred. I'm glad Audrey can help.

lucy and sarah said...

Poor Mildred.

caitlin and megan said...

I'm glad Audrey is finding her place at the library. I'm hoping Mildred is OK.