Thursday, June 7, 2012


Rachel really hoped this worked out. A house of their own. She and Sam took one more look at the basement. Not exactly finished, but it would give Sam something to do. It was an old house. It wasn't that far from Elliot and Penelope's.

"It is the right time, right?" Sam looked at her as if she alone would be the one to figure this move out. He'd do whatever she said.

"Right." As if they had lots of time to figure this out. She was taking summer classes for her teaching degree and he would soon be back to coaching something in the afternoons.

It seemed as if everything was nonstop. Where did the weeks go? Would they ever have a real vacation? Did they even have a Honeymoon? She was beginning to wonder now.

Penelope's baby wasn't due until October. They could have stayed the summer with them, but the little place was shrinking. Besides, even Penelope and Elliot needed to know what it felt like to be alone in their house before the arrival of another baby.

Rachel didn't want to dare say she was going to miss Pearl, but she'd watched her grow up. She'd witnessed her first steps, been there when she called their dog by his name. There were mixed feelings about this, but it was time to move on.

Rachel didn't want to dare admit it, but without Pearl around there was the thought of wanting their own baby. Of course, she'd looked for a room with  a baby in mind on their quest for a house. Was that so awful?

But she need this degree. It was such a struggle to figure out what should come first. Besides, she wanted to be a wife for a while before deciding to be a mother.

"Yeap, we are going solo." She smiled at Sam. Somebody was going to adore the back yard. They hadn't showed it to him yet. Rachel was pretty sure even Jasper knew a change was about to happen.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Change can be hard; I hope it's all for the best. :)

ivy's closet said...

I think its time for them to spread their wings.

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad they are getting their own place!

meg said...

I think its time for them to be on their own.

Tarah and the City said...

I have missed out...So now they'removing in? Interesting.
Tarah and the City