Friday, June 22, 2012

whatever maybe

Finally, some alone time with Daisy. Max didn't think it could come soon enough. Of course, he saw her at work all the time, but he had to act like he didn't really know her, there. Even so, he knew she was crazy over Cedric.

Max thought it was kind of funny. He guessed. Was it her way of showing him that she was a very good actress?

Max didn't think so.

No, if there was an actor at the theater, it had to be Cedric. It didn't take Max long to figure him out.

It kind of scared him a little, at first. Especially, the first time Cedric flirted with him. Max headed straight for a door to hide in, away from Cedric, trying to figure out what to do about it. Wasn't like Cedric had actually done anything to him in the work place, but Cedric was so close as if he really did want to be with Max.

He thought best to act oblivious to it. Let Daisy have her fun. Not that he'd mention it now.

"I dunno if that job is really worth it." Max winced now as he settled back with Daisy in the sun at the water park. After all, he felt as if he could take a good long nap about now, but she had other ideas. She handed over the sun block to put on her back.

He tended to it.

"What do you mean?" She looked at him as if he couldn't be serious.

"I just want everyone to know, you are my girlfriend." He told her as he rubbed all her back with sun screen while she laid on her tummy on the big neon green beach towel.

"Its not really that big of a deal." Her voice was muffled.

"I thought you'd say that." Max's smile was sly. Now was just the idea of wondering and waiting to see if Daisy would actually get away with anything with Cedric. He hated to burst her bubble. Yet, he wondered if maybe she did want to see other guys, after all. That part hurt. He thought she was different. Maybe this was just the season. Maybe they'd get through summer being unscathed. It wasn't like he was going to break up with her. He had to have faith in what they had. Yet seeing her with Cedric, didn't make it easy, either.


Cafe Fashionista said...

So many complications. :/

Anonymous said...

I hate that he has to think this about her. I'm sure its not true. She knows he's a great guy.

ivy's closet said...

I hope he won't give up on Daisy.

lucy and sarah said...

I feel bad for Max. But he should talk to her about Cedric.