Monday, July 16, 2012

its not all bad

Henry wasn't sure how cool it was to wear his shades at work, but he didn't want to expose his ugly black eye, either. It was nasty. Even the doctor said, but his vision was fine. It would just take some time to heal.

"Oh, I want see." Audrey was the first to peek under his shades when he got to work. "Oh, my god, you're such a punk." She smiled. "I had no idea you could look so tough." Her bit of flirting made the corners of his mouth curve up.

Audrey had a way to make a guy blush.

"What are you on, today?" He'd overheard her talking to Milo.

"Don't say that. Please." She winced then. "I'm not on anything." She squinted harder as she got back to her computer while he took off his messenger bag and got situated at the other computer.

"What is up with you and Milo?" Henry wanted to know.

"Nothing." She gave him a look of disgust, but changed the subject soon enough. "Did you hear from Derrick? What does that idiot have to say for himself?"

Henry was suddenly mute. He lost his smile and all the morning humor. He didn't want to think about Derrick. There was a sad feeling that he knew where Derrick had been and what he was up too. He so wanted to be wrong about him.

"I haven't heard anything." He shook his head.

"It's OK." Audrey came over to make over him a bit. "You deserve so much better. You, remember that. OK?" She then suggested they go bother his brother at lunch down at the barbecue place. "Maybe we can get free sandwiches." She smiled.

Henry made an effort to smile back. He liked the idea of Audrey and his brother, Aidan together, especially if he were around to be part of their little in-crowd.


Ewelina said...

Audrey is cute :)

FWB said...

I think Henry will be OK.

caitlin and megan said...

She certainly can make over him.

MOSAMUSE said...

audrey sounds great
have a good start to ur week!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Henry is always a fun character! :)

Sara said...

It looks like he is trying to make the best of things, which is really what he needs right now :)

Chris Ed said...

I like Audrey:)
have a lovely week!
xx chris

The Preppy Student said...

awww how could you not love Audrey!

lucy and sarah said...

Its good he's got a lot of family and friends around him.

ivy's closet said...

Its hard, but I'm glad he's adjusting.