Thursday, July 5, 2012

someone I used to know

Derrick was ready to let lose after he did his gig on stage with Henry. Yes, they did a few Green Day covers. Green Day might as well have been the band of the night. Even if there were a few hisses and boos, they went on doing their thing. Perhaps Derrick still wanted to prove he was the better bass player than Topher. Sometimes, he guessed he couldn't help himself.

Of course, he helped himself to the beer his older brother brought to the river, where the concert and carnival was going. The night was dark.

Soon enough, he was a little light headed. Possibly, wasted. Derrick wouldn't say. Yet, nothing could quite wipe off that silly grin of his...until he met Ian with Josie.

They had their own little picnic going with Daisy and Max along with a couple of other kids from school. They mainly had eats from the fairway, but they'd staked their place for the evening close to the river's edge.

As soon as Derrick saw Ian, he waylaid into him with a few disgruntled words. "WHO IN THE HELL DO, YOU, THINK, YOU, ARE?" He shoved him hard, as if he were bulletproof. It was as if Henry wasn't even there. Who warned him early, not to drink the alcohol. After all, Henry did not drink.

Naturally, Derrick told Henry to chill. What was this dude's problem? It was the 4th, after all. And here he was shoving Ian, who shoved him right back, almost knocking the wind out of him. Derrick pushed right back with a burning vengence.

"Stop it!" Pregnant Josie was about to get in the middle of it, but Max and Henry shielded her.

Derrick wasn't finished. A few flaming words lit the attack of the whole thing going on between Ian and Josie. Every chance Derrick got, he let off the F bomb like a psycho.

"Its just intercourse." Henry finally interjected as to calm Derrick down before he took a punch at Ian and missed. "I don't think he's actually doing anything to hurt the baby, if that's what you're worried about."

Derrick festered a swollen frown, and the punch that was meant for Ian went straight to Henry's eye, knocking him out cold. It was last thing Derrick honestly remembered about the fight. The rest of it was pretty much of a blur.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Yikes! What a bad situation! :/

ivy's closet said...


Derrick is a wild boy.

Sara said...

Wow, what a way to end the night :(

lucy and sarah said...

Why does Derrick have to be so bad??

mazzy may said...

Oh, that Derrick. Will he ever learn?

caitlin and megan said...

Wow, didn't see that coming.

FWB said...

Poor Henry!