Sunday, August 19, 2012

when we were together

It had been a rough night for Oliver. He was wondering around the hospital halls, wishing he could sleep. His feet were tired. After all, he'd put in a full day's work. Then he'd taken Kayla out to dinner. They'd gone off to a new mega grocery store. It was suppose to be fun. They were going to look at gourmet cheeses and organic vegetables. Maybe even stop in the beer ice box where the imported goods were.

By the time he found they didn't have the imported beer he wanted, he saw that Kayla didn't look to be herself, at all. Of course, he wasn't sure what that was anymore. She looked so tired. So he got her to the little medical place near the pharmacy where they took her vitals. Her blood pressure was uber high. Immediately, they wanted them to go to the emergency room.

He knew this upset her, but he told her it was for her own good. He wanted everything to be all right with her and the baby too. Before they knew it, they were monitoring the baby's heart beat. They had Kayla in a stress test, and she started up contractions immediately.

He argued with the nurses then. They weren't helping. Soon enough, they told him he wasn't helping, either. Now he was mad at himself because Kayla was really all alone with a staff of nurses, and he was pacing the halls trying to figure out what to do.

His eyes were so tired, and he felt so helpless. When he looked up and saw Ian, he thought he might be imagining things.

"Ian? What are you doing here?" Oliver wondered how he knew about Kayla.

"What are you doing here?" Ian looked as puzzled.

"Did Kayla make you come?"

"No," Ian shook his head. He told her about Josie having her baby. "What's wrong with Kayla?"

"They want her on bed rest." Oliver sighed.

"Oh." Ian let him spill all about their outing. "I wish we'd gone to the movie, but if we hadn't been at that grocery store..." Oliver shrugged. "I dunno what would have happened."

Ian sat down with him then.

"Maybe, she'll rest." Ian nodded.

"What could be the problem? Why is she so stressed? Am I stressing her?" Oliver wanted to know.

"I don't think its you," Ian said.

"What could it be then?" Oliver squinted as if he needed to fix this.

"I know the baby is important to you." Ian then said.

Oliver breathed in tears. "But Kayla is just as important. I don't want to lose her too." Warm tears puddled his eyes. He couldn't see. "Don't you remember what happened to that friend of Mum's. She had a stroke when her baby was born. I remember changed. Practically, an invalid. I pray that won't happen to Kayla. Why did I want this so badly, Ian?"

Ian nursed his upper lip. Oliver held his brother hand then. It must have been a sign. Ian being here.


Street Fashion Paris said...

Yes!!!! finally I could continue your story!!! xxx

Cafe Fashionista said...

What a scary thought! :(

ivy's closet said...

I do hope she's OK. I wonder what Ian will do???

borka gamero said...

omg... Lovely blog! I adore it!
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Chris Ed said...

It´s a difficult situation. Hope Kayla will be ok