Saturday, September 22, 2012

all that counts is here and now

"Remember, its just a celebration. It doesn't have to be perfect." He squeezed Willow's shoulder as they awaited the arrival of her brother and his family.

Jules wished the wedding was already over. It was true, the timing was all wrong. It had been damp the last few days. "It'll be a misty wedding." He smiled. After all, the big white tent and chairs were already set up in her parents back yard.

Honestly, the production of it was huge. "You sure, its only a few guests?" Jules squinted as he looked out on the balcony from his guest room with Willow. He didn't like that he had to sleep alone at her parents. But it was a tradition, or something like that. He didn't dare complain. All this official stuff left him a little woozy. He hadn't even drank anything alcoholic.

No, no time for a bachelor party. He'd been to plenty of those over the years so he really didn't feel he was missing out. Tonight was the rehearsal. Then a dinner and tomorrow the real deal.

"Don't look so sad about it." He hugged Willow as she buried her face into his chest. That's when she told him about Lynsey bringing her Italian date.

"Its always about her." Willow finally admitted while tears emerged down her cheek.

"But, you've always known that about her." Jules pushed his fingers through her soft hair.

"Why? Why do I have to have friends like her?" She was sobbing once more thinking it was not fair to have her one and only bride's maid to try to upstage her day. "I really don't want to give her a thing for this wedding. But Mom, will make me. She wants to give her pearls. I told her that was way too much. And for what?" She pushed a tear back.

"Lynsey." Jules shook his head. He got some tissue to help Willow with the tears. He really didn't know why she was so emotional. She'd handled it all so well with her mother lately. The honeymoon was on hold until Christmas. But there was one in the works. They'd go to Paris. Of course, they would see his mother and sister during the holiday? Probably, see Gilly and Jonah, as well. "Is Lynsey. It'll all work out." He wished Willow wouldn't worry about her.


Always Unlucky said...

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From Another Annual Day

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Willow. :(

ivy's closet said...

Hopefully, Willow will feel better about things. Its an emotional time.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, I do feel sad for her. But its going to be great. I'm sure.

mazzy may said...

It will get better!

Linda said...

Oh, its just a very emotional time for her.

MOSAMUSE said...

willow will gt better soon... we hope! cute new header!