Monday, September 3, 2012

We gotta bit of love/hate

Camille was used to making wrong turns. Her timing was never quite right on many occasion. Why should it be any better now?

She knew it was possibly her fault that Josie didn't know if normal existed.

"I dunno why I'm even here." Josie kept bringing it up. Over and over. "I have no say in anything. I dunno what's going to happen." She sounded as if every moment with Dylan might be her last. It was all up to Asa.

"You know, you have nothing to worry about. All right? We are all here trying ..trying to make this work." Camille tried to sound positive. After all, Camille already did her worst fit yet when she went off on Josie's father. He's an idiot. She still couldn't help but think it. And yes, she'd yelled about it. And she might yell about it again. But she was trying to stay calm. Especially, around the baby. She was doing her best to be there for Josie and the infant.

"Mom, you should..just go." Josie was back on that kick again. It went in waves. Perhaps, she didn't like the way Camille kept putting disposable diapers on him while Josie was going green. Pampers were easier. Camille wasn't exactly thinking about saving the planet at three in the morning. And they certainly didn't need to have this conversation, that early in the morning, either.

"Go where?" Camille fumed, pulling a lock of her dark hair behind her ear. Did Josie mean just getting our of here or moving out of state? Home to Camille was having Josie with her. And it wouldn't be home, either without Dylan now. Camille was actually happy at Asa's.

"Can't you go back to that country you so had to move to?" Josie glared at her, hugging herself as she watched Camille with the baby.

"Honey, this is where I belong." Camille cooed at the baby. It was as if they were ready for a party. Everyone, else could go back to bed, including Josie, but it was easy to see sleep wasn't on Josie's mind. It was as if she'd had a certain epiphany that she needed to see through. Camille guessed Josie was ready to give the baby up.

Josie kept staring at Camille as if there was another reason why she wanted to be here. Asa.

"I might be able to go back to the radio station." Camille sighed. She hadn't done that sort of work in almost a decade. She thought that career was over.

"Doing what?" Josie didn't look to pleased.

"Traffic report." It really wasn't that glamorous. She'd have to be at the studio at 4 in the morning. Possibly, she could get on as a sidekick with one of the local talk shows.

"God, I thought you hated that." Josie winced.

"It wasn't that bad." Camille told her. "I liked the job. The hours aren't easy. Your Dad never liked them." One more reason her radio career never got off the ground. Nothing was stopping her now. "But, its a second chance. I would have never thought about it. But, this friend I used to work with, found out I was in town. And..and he talked me into it." She needed to keep busy. Hopefully, Josie could see she wasn't after Asa. That ship had sank.

She gave Dylan a bottle as she sat in the rocking chair with him. "You get some rest. I need practice. You know, getting up at this hour." She smiled at Josie then at the baby who stared at her as if he knew she enjoyed his company.


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Camille is a bit of a problem. :/

NaNa said...

interesting !

love from the NANA girls xoxo

ivy's closet said...

Maybe her Mom is changing too. I dunno if Josie can get on with things.

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Its hard to see eye to eye with your Mom, sometimes.

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a lot of things r changing!