Saturday, October 6, 2012

an awful lot like a disseaster

Jonah thought he might spill the tea. Why in the hell did he think he could manage all this? Breakfast at Hayley's room. Jonah stood there in his usual cords and long sleeved pale Tee-shirt under his favorite Beastie Boys Tee. He was fully clothed. Wasn't like he was up to anything. It was just breakfast.

"Is that for me?" Jules smiled.

"Am I at the wrong room?" Jonah acted dumb, all bewildered. They didn't need to mention this to anyone.

"Dunno? Are you?" Jules eye-balled him as if he better come clean.

"Hayley?" He smiled hoping she'd save him.

"Aw, isn't he sweet, Julie?" She plastered a smile, pulling Jules back and cutting inbetween them.

"Lovely." Jules almost snarled. "Do behave yourself." Jules eyeballed him once more as well as his sister and left.

"What was that about?" Jonah put the tray on the bed and Hayley helped herself to the tea and scones.

"He's a bit out of the loop, I guess." She shrugged as if it were nothing. "He's worried, you'll go crazy when you find out about Gilly and Fiona."

"What about them?" He glared at her as if he needed to know.

"Hitched, you know?"

"Hitched?" What kind of word was that? It sounded awful.

"Married. To each other." She took a sip of her hot tea that she'd sweetened with milk.

Jonah couldn't help it. Disgusting. Fiona really did freak him. He didn't mean to look so put out.

"I see." He just couldn't let it get to him. "Why did he wait, until now?"

"Spur of the moment. I guess." Hayley snacked on a scone with jam.

"You think?" He wasn't so sure he trusted the one hand girl. Maybe she'd planned the whole thing.

"She's so adorable, you know. She's really the sweetest." Hayley mentioned. Jonah didn't see it. He sighed as if this would be like going home to a freaky pet he'd have to learn to live with.

Jonah pressed a smile. He was at least happy Hayley was here to get him through this.


meg said...

oh..the tension. Maybe Jonah will grow up now.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Jonah's thoughts regarding Fiona always aggravate me. :/

Darkholic said...

Thanks for your kind comment :)

Scarlett and Eva said...

Oh, Jonah, he's really got to start understanding..other's feelings!