Sunday, November 25, 2012

here we go

Josie so wanted fun. And she did have this group thing organized, she guessed. There would be Daisy for Zak, who was not letting up with his unexpected visits. Although, she wondered lately if he came over to see her or her mother.

"Why would you think that?" Ian laughed at the idea. Of course, Ian came over for Thanksgiving dinner. He hadn't spent much time with his family nor with Oliver and Kayla and their baby. He was being very loyal to Josie. Actually, he was driving Zak and Daisy along with Josie to the concert.

"I dunno. My mother attracts all the wrong guys. Evidently." Josie reminded Ian how weird Thanksgiving had been. Her Mom's ex, Drake showed up. Her Mom's boss was there too. But no Asa nor baby Dylan. They didn't even spend the holiday at Elliot's. Asa went to Jane's for dinner. "What does Asa think he's doing with that..Jane?" It left a bad taste in Josie's mouth. He'd spent his holiday in a trailer park.

"I thought we were talking about your Mom?" Ian winced as if he wondered how long they needed to wait for Zak.

"I am." Josie sighed. "I'm beginning to think..." She hated to say it, but she knew Ian would listen to whatever she said. "My mom would be better off with Asa...or is that Asa..better off with my Mom."

"Try not to worry about it." Ian kissed her then as if they needed to get to this concert. The doorbell rang, and there Zak was all jazzed up in a gangsta like fedora and a pin stripe suit.

Josie winced thinking this guy was way off on a fashion statement, but whatever. She hoped Daisy could manage.

In a few minutes they were in the car and Josie was giving Zak the silent treatment. Maybe Daisy would chat it up with him, but as it was, she was in her typical attire of animal hats and freaky-geek glasses. She wasn't even trying to impress him. It was like they'd picked up cartoon characters, definitely from two different networks.

Daisy was definitely being pouty, as if Josie gave her some chore to do. So the ride was quiet. When they got there, Josie remembered that she'd left the canned food for the Open Door Mission on the kitchen table. Luckily, Ian had some soups and tuna in the trunk. It was actually a better selection than what she'd found in the cupboard, pork'n beans and boiled potatoes.

They were the early ones. But the old gym was filling up fast as the first band was already on. She looked around for Henry and Shan, who weren't anywhere to be seen. Ian held her hand, but Daisy's hands were shoved in her purple hoodie pockets. Obviously, she was not going to give Zak a chance, who looked a bit lost.

Josie felt kind of sorry for him, but not really. He'd find some one. She was sure of it. She looked up to see Derrick already there, and he did look pretty darn cool in the brown suit jacket, he wore over a hunter green Tee with some obscure band's name on it. He waved from the balcony. Naturally, Josie was insulted he would even do such a thing, but she quickly noticed Daisy waved back, smiling.

He came down the bleachers with some guy with thick blond hair. Naturally, Derrick would have a better looking date than anyone there. Before she knew it, Derrick was down on the floor of the gym, chatting it up with Zak and Daisy.

"This is Hansen." He introduced the laid back guy around.

Josie immediately wrote Hansen off as a potthead. He looked a bit sleepy with those bedroom eyes of his. Yet, Derrick kept talking to Daisy as if she was the only reason he'd stopped by.

"I was going to see the little tyke yesterday." He then said to Josie. She knew he was talking about Dylan. "But nobody was home." He shrugged.

Josie said nothing back to him. She wrapped her arms around Ian. Really, she did her best to avoid Derrick. Daisy needed to, too.



Cafe Fashionista said...

Such an awkward encounter between them all! :/

ivy's closet said...

Oh, I love how Derrick owns the night.

lucy and sarah said...

One might wonder if Josie still might have feelings for Derrick, even now.

Sara said...

Very awkward, but Josie needs better.

MOSAMUSE said...