Friday, November 16, 2012

spreading the joy

Audrey and Luc's family

Audrey wasn't so sure if she believed Kayla, about all this baby stuff. Perhaps Kayla was over whelmed, being a new mother, but her nervousness made the baby cry.

"Are you sure, you, are all right?" Audrey watched Kayla fumble with the infant.

It was suppose to be all relaxed. Kayla was home with the baby now. And Audrey's Mom wanted to make sure she was helping out Kayla, all she could. At the moment, her mother was bringing dinner and Luc was suppose to be over any minute to help clean house.

Kayla's Mom was at the grocery store, or maybe buying more pampers or something for Kayla. Audrey was  happy that she'd missed her mother. She was sure she'd get the third degree about something. Possibly, that she wasn't married yet. A big priority in her family. It didn't help that Luc wasn't ready to settle down, either. "Settling Down" meant marriage.

"I'm fine. We are fine," Kayla said immediately. She looked at Audrey as if she'd had enough questions to deal with, but she was still fretting about the baby.

"Well, if its like this, I don't think I want kids." Audrey shrugged and went to see if the pacifier was in the crib as Kayla asked.

"Don't say that." Finally the pacifier was what the baby needed. They'd settled on the name Avery. They'd almost named her Kia but Kayla's dad said she wasn't a car.

"You know, I'm not mother material. Stop trying to be your mom. She's gone." Audrey sighed. Kayla smiled as if she heard enough from her family. "Besides, you've got a guy like Oliver, and I think he's changed quite a bit for you."

At the moment he was downstair working in his bakery.

"He's stopped drinking. He does all the cooking. What ever did you, do to him?" Audrey teased. She liked Kayla's husband. Although, she thought he deserved a vacation too. She was pretty sure he did a lot more with the baby than Kayla did.

Finally, Kayla gave the baby to Audrey. At first she felt just as clumsy as what she'd seen with Kayla.

"Can you hold her? I need a shower." Kayla sighed as if she might need some alone time. Evidently, breast feeding was brutal.

"OK." Audrey kept smiling because she sensed the baby knew she might be a little scared. Finally she sat down on the bed and brushed her fingers through her very light brown hair. "You kind of remind me of my cat." She finally sighed. "I dunno why, but you do."

The baby's big blue eyes looked up at her as she nursed on the pacifier.

"I just don't know if I can be a very good Aunt. You'll, think I'm silly." Audrey bit her bottom lip. She looked at the bathroom door, wondering how long it would take for Kayla to shower.

She really hoped Kayla was OK. What could ever be wrong? She had everything parents could want for her. A husband, who was pretty darn adorable, and a baby girl who was perfectly beautiful. Yes, Kayla deserved this kind family. She'd worked hard all her life. Gotten good grades. Patrons loved her.

"You have to be extra nice to your Mommy," Audrey found herself giving advice. Then she wondered when the last time she'd really been nice to her own mother.

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Sara said...

Oh I think she would be a great mom :) That cat comment made me giggle :P

Cafe Fashionista said...

Audrey seems to be on a path to self-discovery. :)

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad Audrey is helping.

Take me to Tarah said...

Audrey would be a good Mother.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to many more.
Tarah Danielle
Take me

caitlin and megan said...

I know she'll be a good Aunt.

Chris Ed said...

Audrey will be a good aunt, but she should also be nice to her own mom!