Friday, December 28, 2012

crazy love

Audrey was definitely basking in the sunshine of her new engagement with Aidan. Of course, a lot of things hadn't changed like grocery shopping. There was also the fact of not being in her little place above the garage. She'd spent her holiday with Aidan. Still she hated to ask where they'd live once they got married.

She was going about her business getting the fruit she liked. Aidan was looking at some mix for fresh salsa.

"Hey, whatcha doing?" It was kind of a familiar voice, but not really. She turned back to see a rather tall fellow holding a case of beer.

"Huh?" Audrey looked him up and down. She didn't know who he was.

"Audrey? Right?" His grin was kind of goofy as if he might be high on something already. "Jesus..." His laugh was kind of breathy as if he might ooze with sexiness. "Jane always said she never looked a thing like you. How should I have known?" He just smiled.

"Jane?" Audrey stared. Obviously, he must have been from the strip club.

"You know, its me, beer guy?" He looked at her blankly.

"I don't remember." Audrey faked a smile. About then Aidan stepped in with a question about tomatoes.

"Duncan." The unknown stranger winced as if she had to know him. "I'm with Jane now. We're pretty tight. I think she wants me to settle down. I got on with UPS."

"Oh." Audrey was sort of putting it together.

"Well, see ya, around." He shrugged. Before she knew it, he was gone.

"I thought Jane was seeing Asa." Aidan almost scowled.

"That's what I thought, too." Audrey's face tensed, wondering how she was going to approach this with Asa.


Cafe Fashionista said...

What a confusing predicament. :/

Chris Ed said...

Strange situation! happy holidays! kisses chris

Sara Gerard said...

Ugh-oh, someone needs to come clean!

ivy's closet said...

Interesting happenings!

lucy and sarah said... goodness.

Mimi said...

definitely very confusing...

<3, Mimi