Monday, December 3, 2012

lets not go there

It was a good Thanksgiving with Dorian's parents. He brought Eli home. He couldn't wish for anything better.

"I wished I'd been there." Luc smiled back as he took his coffee that Dorian poured for him at the coffee shop. Luc looked chilled in his levi jacket. Honestly, the snow set in quite a freeze. It was below zero, and Luc was still dressed for fall.

"Well, you did get to see Olivia?" Not all was bad these days.

"Yeah, it was nice. A nice little accident." His grin was open. "Maybe I need to argue with Audrey more often." He took a sip then. "But, Thanksgiving was you know, nothing special." Except, they'd spent it with Kayla's parents. The new baby was there for all to go gaga over. "Oliver makes a pretty darn good turkey." Audrey was there with Aidan. He told Dorian. "I dunno why they don't get in engaged or something, already."

"She's probably taking it slow, you know." Dorian nodded. He was certainly at a stand still with Eli.

They made out in his room usually. It was kind of a daily ritual, lately. 4 p.m. couldn't come soon enough. Possibly and odd time to be together. But it made Dorian smile and he thought it was right this time. He liked being with Eli. They talked, too.

Eli certainly had some strange dreams, but it was the closeness that mattered. So what if he thought he was Dr. Who, half the time. It was good to listen to him talk about it. They watched Dr. Who at night. It was kind of difficult in the beginning to keep all the Dr. Who straight, but Dorian was getting better with the trivia and what Eli was talking about.

"Did Eli stay over?" Luc asked now since he'd had to stay at his parents for two whole days. He still looked as if he weren't catching up on his sleep.

"At my parents?" Dorian would have been on pins and needles if that would have happened. Instead, they'd gone back to his room and watched loads of Dr. Who. "You know, it was just the usual."

"And what is the usual, these days?" Luc looked at Dorian as if he was a bit worried about him.

"You know." Dorian smiled. "Just Dr. Who and Eli."

"Huh." Luc winced as if that might mean something else.

Dorian slightly groaned. "Look, we are not sleeping together. OK?"

"What if..that buddy of yours dropped by to see you, would you know.."

"Derrick?" Dorian winced as if no way in hell Derrick would ever come by to see him.

"Yeah, I forgot to tell you, he stopped by not long ago. After Thanksgiving. You must have  been at the library or something. I think he was wanting you to go to this last minute thing with him." Luc then said.

"He stopped by the house?" This was news. Suddenly, he felt like ice. He hadn't laid eyes on Derrick in ages. Dorian hugged himself tightly. He wanted to stay away from Derrick. He did. In his head, he wanted nothing to do with him. Yet, there were other parts of him that still found him inviting.


Mimi said...

i seriously have to make some time to visit your blog everyday... i now have a lot of reading to do, haha! ;)

<3, Mimi

Cafe Fashionista said...

So much confusion right now. :/

Sara Gerard said...

DOCTOR WHO FAN! Wow, confusing time!

ivy's closet said...

That would be upsetting to know that some old boyfriend wants you back and you didn't know.

I hope he sticks with Eli.

lucy and sarah said...

Hopefully, there won't be trouble in paradise.

MOSAMUSE said...

doesn't seem like things r going too well