Sunday, December 30, 2012

what sisters do

Penelope was a little upset with Olivia that she didn't spend Christmas with them. Of course, she couldn't hold it against her.

Penelope had a baby boy the day before Halloween. They'd named him Aaron, and he was pretty much the joy of Christmas. She supposed it would have been an emotional time for Olivia so she hadn't guilt tripped her about not coming.

"So what did, you do?" Penelope asked now, wishing she hadn't, but at least Olivia looked OK.

"Oh, it wasn't a big deal. Spent some time with friends." She shrugged as they were already looking for after Christmas sales at the mall as if they were die-hard shoppers. Of course, it was mainly window shopping and Penelope didn't have Aaron to look over. She felt a bit naked even if she were in her parka and heavy winter boots.

They finally settled to unwrap themselves and sit in a little coffee shop.

"So you were with Finn and his boyfriend?" That was the first person she thought of. They loved their foreign films, and he probably had Olivia going to that friendly church of theirs. Penelope smiled thinking things were much better for Olivia than she imagined.

But Olivia shook her head no, as she clung to the big coffee mug for warmth. She wore an old gray V-neck sweater. Penelope was sure it was Ravi's. She gazed at her sister as if Olivia was doing what came naturally to her.

"Scott didn't ..didn't see you, did he?" Penelope kept even lipped. She wasn't sure how she felt about Amber's ex-husband. As it was Amber had been rather cruel. Shacking up with Scott's younger brother. Perhaps Scott was only trying to get back at Olivia's old friend.

"No. I haven't heard..anything from him." Olivia gave her a disgusted look. Penelope reached for her sister's delicate hand.

"I'm sorry..I'm so sorry I've been so busy with the baby." Penelope winced hard as if she felt so guilty.

"You're the one who had the baby." Olivia smiled. "You're the brave one."

"It wasn't that hard." Penelope sighed with a smile. "I don't even remember the labor pains now." It was all so quick. Even Elliot couldn't believe it. The old doctor told her she could have a huge family if she could pop one out at 45 minutes top. Of course, she wouldn't. Aaron was plenty.

"I wish I could believe you." Olivia laughed as if Penelope was trying to act too tough.

"No, we'd just finished dinner and went to wash the dishes. As soon as I turned on the water at the sink, it was like instinct, you know." Penelope smiled as if it were no big deal. She caught herself from saying to Olivia, "You should try it some time." Instead she sipped her creamed coffee. "So what did you do?" Penelope stared at her waif of a sister. Penelope wasn't sure she wanted to hear about her going through a box of something from Ravi.

"Uh, it was good. I spent Christmas with Luc." Olivia finally confessed.

"Luc? Who's that?" Penelope asked, hoping Olivia wasn't moving too fast with her life.

"You don't remember?" Olivia looked at Penelope as if she should. "He was at the hospital-"

"You, spent Christmas with him?" Penelope winced hard.

"We went to see.." She sighed. "Look, we are friends. And I needed to be with friends, OK? We went shopping for gifts. For this little girl." Olivia gave her a look that she had nothing to be ashamed about.

Penelope hadn't meant to bring Olivia down. It was just a natural instinct.


Audrey said...

thank you for you comment in my blog.
Very beautiful post :)
nice day

Cafe Fashionista said...

I can't say that I'm liking Penelope too much right now. :/

ivy's closet said...

I think sisters like to dig through everything in our lives.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, hopefully, Penelope will give Luc a chance.

mazzy may said...

Its hard to know what to say, sometimes.

MOSAMUSE said...

maybe she was just being protective and not trying to bring her down

caitlin and megan said...

I'm sure she's worried about Olivia.