Sunday, January 27, 2013

one step in front of the other

Asa checked on the trailer. The keys were under the mat and all of Duncan's stuff was gone.

"So is this your place or Harper's place?" Asa wanted to know when he got home with the keys, and there was Jane with a pot of stew on the stove.

"Actually, its my Mom's." She told him. "Harper kind of came with it." She looked as if that was all he needed to know. "He's her ex, but they remained friends."

"And now he's gone off to an Indian reservation." Asa couldn't believe he said that.

"He's working at a casino." Jane clarified as she got the bowls. He went to pick up Dylan from the playpen. Mattie was in the swing, which they'd just about out grown.

"So have you talked to Duncan?" Asa knew it was a touchy subject, but he did want to know. Hoping Duncan hadn't talked her into anything, like a second chance.

She shook her head, no.

"I'm not going to." She was adamant about it.

Asa nodded as if he didn't mean to second guess her. He wanted to be certain as he took her hand, thinking of something he'd rather be doing right now than eating. But, he definitely wasn't going to push it.

"You know, he's even left messages on my old answering machine." He told her. "I don't think he has a clue, what he's put you through." Asa sighed, glad that she was here and Duncan was gone. Hopefully, he'd gotten the picture. There was no going back.

"He's kind of dumb. Maybe that's his charm." Jane smirked as she set down and passed the rolls to him. "But, look who was stupid enough to fall for it." She sighed.

"You're not stupid." Asa assured her as he buttered the warm roll.

"After while, I just felt trapped. I mean, there were times, I'd think we're done, and then he'd show up, drunk. I should have shut him out. I should have. I should have known. It was like I was repeating my Mom's life, you know. I didn't want that. I really didn't." She squinted, but finally managed to dip a bit of her roll in the stew and popped it in her mouth.

"He didn't seem so mean, when I met him." Asa admitted. Still, he didn't trust him. "You've got so much to look forward too. You'll be at this hospital now. You'll be a full fledged nurse, in no time." Asa smiled. "And I'm glad you want to be here." He hoped that didn't sound selfish. But finally, there was a future he couldn't wait to see.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm so happy for Asa right now. For the both of them! :)

ivy's closet said...

I hope she's the right one.

lucy and sarah said...

I wonder how he'll feel when he finds out that Duncan moved in with Camille.

mazzymay said...

Hopefully, this is a good start for them.

Caitlin and Megan said...

I think things are going to be better for both of them.