Sunday, January 6, 2013

only a conversation

Things were suddenly a vast nothingness. Camille caught herself from trying to dwell on the holidays. It was no big deal. Still, she wished she could discuss this with someone. Not with Josie. God knows, not with Josie.

Camille was very well aware of the fact that Josie was not speaking to her. She definitely had the silent treatment down like an expert of some kind. Camille knew she was in trouble. But it was nice to see Zac's mom in the drive way shoveling snow.

She hadn't really talked to Franny since Zac moved back.

"Come in, you must be freezing." Camille still had some broccoli cheese soup in the fridge. "I'll make us a little lunch." All she needed to do was to warm up the soup and the sour dough bread.

"Not these days." Franny said about the freezing. She let it go at that, not wanting to dwell on her hormonal strategy, these days. She soon made herself at home, getting out of her snow boots and parka. She was very thankful for the iced tea that Camille offered.

"So how was Christmas?" Camille smiled.

"Not as good as yours." Franny let a smile slip. "How many boyfriends do you, have Camille?" She got to the point.

"Boyfriends?" Camille half laughed. She shook her head. "Its not like that."

"You had a driveway full of men at Thanksgiving." She reminded her as she sipped her tea.

"Did I?' Camille winced thinking how it felt so long ago with Drake and her boss coming around. "I guess they like my cooking." She shrugged. She brought Franny soup.

"What about this fellow who spent most of the holidays, with you?" Franny was being a little too perky with the questions.

"I was just trying something new." Camille shrugged.

"Was it now?" Franny teased as she took a taste of the soup.

"It was only bed and breakfast." Camille laughed lightly as she dipped a piece of sour dough bread in her steaming hot soup.

"Oh, really?" Franny grinned as if she knew there was more to it. "I saw how he couldn't wait to get back here. Spend some time with you."

Camille rolled her eyes. But it did make her feel a bit better that someone felt he wanted to be here, and it wasn't just her imagination.

"You have to stop watching my house." Camille informed her with an impish grin.

"I just want to be a good neighbor." Franny told her.

"I ..I meant to ask, how is Zac these days?" Camille looked at Franny as if she could tell her anything.

"I suppose, he's all right. He's trying to find ..anyone who might want to be in a band with him." She shrugged.

"How nice." Camille  smiled as if maybe everything was really OK. Maybe she liked being with Joe. Still she did wonder if he liked being with her. Why was she still worried about pleasing people?

"It won't be that nice if Zac starts keeping us up at night with the noise." Franny sighed. She went back to her soup.


Chris Ed said...

Camille is really nice! Happy new year! kisses chris

Mimi said...

i agree, camille sounds like a nice girl. :)

<3, Mimi

Cafe Fashionista said...

If she liked being with Joe, she should act on it - even if Josie doesn't approve! :)

bonnie_blog said...

Great post & cute blog!
I`m a new follower now.
And I will be SOO happy, if you follow my blog:-)

ivy's closet said...

Oh, I'm glad she is talking to her neighbor. She needs more women friends.

lucy and sarah said...

Camille definitely needs someone to talk to.

MOSAMUSE said...

i like camille!!