Tuesday, January 1, 2013

tonight I'm getting over you

do what you love

Hayley was right, Archie was having a rather boring time at her Mother's. Jonah went home the day after Christmas in a huff. He was rather unbearable. Jealousy, no less, of Archie.

It still made Hayley mad at him, thinking she could possibly be into Jule's younger brother. How disgusting was that? He was family. Well, sort of. Her mother was determined to make him part of their family. After all, he was all alone. Sure, there was college, but still he needed them. But then again, Archie wasn't one to talk.

Her parents on the other hand, different story.

Hayley couldn't believe their squabble. It took over the whole flat. After all, Jules and Willow went off to Paris to honeymoon. Now their true colors were showing, and her parents were really being immature.

Hayley knew her Dad still had feelings for her mum, even if he'd been engaged at least twice the last decade. But nothing never happened. She'd heard Jules mention her mother's fleeting romance in Spain, but she hadn't seen a Spaniard around and her mum made no mention of any significant other.

Now they were yelling at each other, over her.

Hayley blew a breath. "Well, come on, its the New Year." She knew a few places she and Archie could go to get away from the hostile kitchen. There was a pub around the corner. She couldn't think of him wanting to find any underground action. "We will find some fun of our own."

He didn't resist much. Of course, she'd looped her arm around his and before long she could tell she was dragging him along.

"Please, don't be pissed with Jules." Hayley found herself apologizing for their brother as Archie got them both a nice light cider at the packed pub. Hopefully, he could manage the noise. "It takes him a bit to warm up, you know."

"Yeah, sure." He winced as if he understood. "Guess, I wanted to see who was more like Dad." He almost smiled.

"He thinks he so cool." She rolled her eyes. "Which he isn't. He's rather old fashioned. The more I think on it. I know his mates look up to him, and all. Seriously, though..he just wants a home to go home too. Feel loved, you know." Hayley sipped her drink. It did have a bit of a kick to it.

Archie watched the old crowd. They hadn't exactly stepped into a disco. Still there was a loud game of darts going on.

"Mum, really isn't replacing him with you, you know." Hayley caught his eye then.

"I should hope not." He shrugged.

Hayley couldn't help but smile. Possibly, she was. Really, she could only be so much to Jules. Yet, she could feel it in her heart, Archie really needed family. If only, her parents could grow up and see they needed to be family too.


Paulina said...

Happy New Year !:)

caitlin and megan said...

Oh, Hayley. This will be interesting.

ivy's closet said...

She thinks she knows best. Lets hope so.

lucy and sarah said...

Hopefully, its not over with Jonah.