Thursday, February 14, 2013

Funny little Valentines

"I'm going to be watching you?" Fish pointed two fingers at Syreeta then to his eyes, and he made it a double whammy at Zac, when he came to pick her up.

"Well, you're coming with us, anyway." Honestly, it didn't feel like a real date, having her brother come along who was in a black suit with a little red bow tie.

"No." Fish shook his head. "I'm not. Shan's picking me up."

"Shan?" Zac winced as if this was a first of some kind.

"You're not my only friend." Fish scowled at him, telling them to scoot along. "I'll see you, there."

Syreeta noticed Fish watching them out the kitchen window, making sure Zac opened the door for her. She was in a lacy white sleeveless dress. Of course, she wore her parka so no one might never see it. She hoped Fish remembered to wear a coat tonight. It was just weird to think her brother might have a date tonight.

Soon enough Shan pulled up in his old car. Fish left the house without saying good-bye to his mother nor wearing a coat.

"We need to be on the look out for this new Holden fellow." Fish said as if he might be going undercover.

"Why? Are you a spy now?" Shan cracked a laugh as he pulled out of the cleared driveway of the snow covered yard.

"Word is, Sunny asked him to the dance. I don't even think Derrick knows." Fish couldn't help to be pissed about it.

"So this is you, looking out for Derrick? Is that it?" Shan asked as he drove down High School Drive.

"I dunno." Fish did his best to be indifferent about it. Still, he wanted to warn Derrick. He kept his arms crossed.

Soon enough they were at the school gym.

"Maybe..maybe ..we shouldn't go in..together." Fish stopped as soon as they walked into the school hallway.

"Why? Why not?" Shan looked at him.

"I don't want..I don't want Henry mad at me." Fish swelled a frown.

"He's already mad." Shan squinted hard who was in a black coat as if he might be a merchant sailor ready to travel the world. "You're my friend."

"Yeah, I know." Fish slid his fingers back through his bangs, just making it messier. Fish smiled. Just how did he get himself into these situations? "I was the one who asked you.." He bit his bottom lip. He needed to get into the dance and see what Sunny was up too. So they went in, and there she was looking fabulous in a shiny purple mini, dancing with that new guy Holden.

Shan watched Fish pull out his phone immediately. He texted quickly. It was easy to see what was happening. Shan understood. He got it. Fish liked Derrick.

There was no way he could say bad enough things about Derrick to change Fish's mind. No, right now Fish was looking out for Derrick.

Shan didn't exactly understand the fascination. After all, Derrick was Henry's ex-boyfriend.

Shan got out his phone too. He took a picture of Josie and Ian, so Henry would know what she was wearing. He sent it to him. Lord knows, when he might see it since he was practically under house arrest.

Shan had his ways of finding out..from his little sister Bree, who evidently wasn't as mad at him as she claimed she was.

"Aren't we still fighting?" Shan got a text back from Henry.

"Are we?" He texted back. His smile broaden. He looked over his shoulder at Fish, texting practically a novel. Evidently. "Fish seriously has it bad for your ex." Shan sent another text back to Henry.

"You're suppose to save him, aren't you?" Henry hit back.

"I'd just make it worse." Shan decided. Besides, everyone needed to really fall in love. Shan snapped a picture of Syreeta and her date.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, what a tangled web we weave. :/

Milex said...

I love

Sara Gerard said...

Aww, everyone is going to have a great night!

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, I'm glad everyone is finding each other. Maybe.

ivy's closet said...

Glad that things are on the mend between Shan and Henry.

Aida said...

wish you a loving romantic Valentine's!


MOSAMUSE said...

love is in the air!!
happy vday!