Sunday, February 17, 2013

not tonight

Luna felt Syreeta had saved her from something on Valentines night. Maybe her virginity.

Sure, going out with Van was a step up. But she was afraid of him. Sort of. It wasn't that she wanted to be in a popularity contest. After all, she was only a Freshman in high school.

But she knew he wanted something else from her than just to date her. And Syreeta showed her it could be done. Yet, she couldn't say to her friend, "You're my role model."

She looked around that night. And when she saw how Van looked at Daisy, it woke her up. It was true, she'd looked up to Daisy at one time. Even though, they didn't know each other. She liked Daisy's geeky side and that she wasn't afraid to show it, but Daisy had gone through some sort of transformation too. She'd seen how sad Daisy looked. But she was happy now with a new guy.

If Van didn't like the way things were going between them, then so be it. She couldn't help but ask Syreeta and her date to go out with them after the dance. She wasn't going to dare let him have all the fun in the rules of their dating.

If it was their last date, she could live with it. Yet, Van was like a puppy that didn't know where to go. Possibly, putty in her hands. Did she dare want to chance it?

She saw how Sunny Wilson worked. She took shit from no one. Possibly, Luna was no where in Sunny's league. But there was Syreeta, and she liked what she saw. She could be that girl. She would.

No dreamy fantasy of being that cool girl smoking whatever Van might have. No, this was going to be different from now on. She wasn't going to give Van everything he wanted. In fact, when she kissed him that night, she was sure he wanted more, but she didn't look back. He'd just have to ask her out again, but that didn't mean she would.


Cafe Fashionista said...

A little game of cat and mouse. :)

ivy's closet said...

Hopefully, she's figured him out. Its good to be wise of him.

Winnie said...

She sounds wise, good for her!

Caitlin and Megan said...

I so like that she's not going to let Van use her.

Chris Ed said...

She is cool! I like the new blog look! kisses and have a great week!

MOSAMUSE said...

cute header change!! :)

MOSAMUSE said...

its great to have someone to look up to