Thursday, February 21, 2013

there is a light that never goes out

It was sort of complicated.

Valentines day hit a snag. Dorian didn't want to believe it. Exactly. After all, he'd been out with Eli most of the night. They'd gone out for a nice steak dinner, then a comedy club, and when he got home, there was a guest.

Ruben showed up.

Luc and Olivia did their part. After all, they were watching the baby while Topher and Ricki were out. Naturally, Ruben looked right at home. He'd already gotten himself a beer from the fridge. And when he smiled at Dorian it was as if he knew what Ruben exactly had in mind.

Dorian thought he might pass out, but he kept his voice for the most part. "This is my boyfriend, Eli."

Ruben shook Eli's hand as if any friend of Dorian's was a friend of his.

Dorian didn't dare ask why Ruben was here. He didn't want to know. Instead, he hurried Eli upstairs with him.

"You have to stay with me, if he's here." Dorian couldn't help but put Eli on the spot.

"But why?" Eli winced. Dorian remembered how Eli liked his own bed and liked sleeping alone.

"It could..It could just get weird ..with Ruben around." Dorian fussed a face not wanting to say anymore.

"How weird?" Eli looked at him as if he needed to explain.

"I dunno." Dorian shook his head as he instantly felt disgusted with himself. "Its possible..."

"What's possible?" Eli winced as if he was quite confused.

"God, must I explain everything to you?" Dorian frowned even more, he turned from him, wishing he could be more like Eli, but at the moment it was the worst Valentines day ever.

"He's a friend of yours." Eli stated.

"No, he's not." Dorian shook his head. "He's not a friend. He's not anything to me." Dorian fumed. "I don't know why he's here. I really don't."

"Why don't you, find out?" Eli smiled as if he might be an idiot.

Dorian looked at Eli. He couldn't help but smile. He kissed him as if they were the real deal. Ruben had nothing on him.


Cafe Fashionista said...

So many questions. :/

ivy's closet said...

Interesting that Ruben came back.

lucy and sarah said...

Gotta wonder how this will turn out.

Caitlin and Megan said...

I hope Eli will be there for Dorian.

MOSAMUSE said...

i dont know how this will end