Sunday, February 24, 2013

to digress and back

Henry felt a little more calm now. At least, Shan and he were communicating and his grounding was almost over. And he could have dinner at Audrey and Aidan's new place. Which was very much bare to the bones.

He wouldn't mention what they needed. As it was he was happy to be out and about, hoping all would be well soon with Shan.

"I'm really sorry I made a fuss about it, now." Henry said when he mentioned his outburst about their quicky wedding. Henry had wanted to be there. He'd brought them a rosemary plant as a possible peace offering.

"Of course, you are." Audrey was all smiles as she patted him on the back and asked if he wanted a breadstick to munch on while the pasta was boiling. "So what have you been up to?"

"Me?" He winced as if there was nothing to tell. So much he didn't want to tell. First there was the episode with Shan's sister walking in on them, which felt like ancient history now. Of course, there was another event that was quite hush hush. He knew Shan would never mentioned it, either.

He sighed thinking that was why Shan took the rest of his big bag of weed to Cedric. After all, it was a bit of a trial and error sort of thing. Just an event they would never ever mention again. And they didn't. But it was after all, Henry's idea. They'd smoked the pot in Henry's room.

Funny, how Henry didn't remember a thing, but Shan did.

To Henry, he did not get high that one afternoon while his mother was away with a friend, but Henry was evidently not himself. He'd paraded around in his mother's lingerie. Even got into her make up.

"Nothing. I've been up to nothing." Henry shook his head. He knew Shan thought it was just plain weird. Maybe even too weird for Shan. Henry's shenanigans.

How could Shan have set back, almost asleep when Henry wanted loud music and a real party? It was just funny now. Even if Shan didn't think so. Yes, if anyone would have gotten them into trouble, Henry guessed he'd be the culprit.

Now it felt as if everything was dead in the water. It was a little depressing. Maybe that was why he had these mood swings. But he was all right now. It would be all right. The weed was gone, and Shan vowed he'd never have it around. He was finished with it.

Yet, deep down, Henry thought it might be a bit of fun. As it was, Shan labeled him a party animal. But there was an urge to pour a little bit of wine in his Sprite now. It was white wine. Audrey nor Aidan would never have to know. Just something to calm his nerves. Something to help him get through dinner.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Henry is making a bad decision. :/

ivy's closet said...

This could definitely be bad.

samecookiesdifferent said...

cute boys...

x the cookies


lucy and sarah said...

He's going viral..or something.

ivy said...

He is so asking for trouble.

meg said...

Oh..Henry..what shall we do???

MOSAMUSE said...

i guess a little white wine couldnt hurt :)