Wednesday, March 6, 2013

off balance

"Its just know.." Henry was babbling away. Josie watched with concern. She hugged herself in the cold spring air. Thankfully, she'd remembered to wear her peacoat, but Henry was standing there in his skinny jeans and only a flannel shirt to protect him from the cold.

She turned to Ian. "What's he on today?"

They were still in the parking lot at school hesitating to even go in. Henry was so hyper and Shan was no where in sight. Josie was beginning to think Shan needed to get some control over Henry. How could he be this weird over the car crash?

"Calm down." She looked at him with open eyes, wishing she could kick him in the shins. But he was so spastic. Not at all like normal Henry. She was starting to wonder of his mental health. What had gotten him so nervous? "You know, how bad today will be, don't you?" Josie was expecting grief counselors at every corner. She wondered what they'd make of Henry.

She didn't really know Sunny. Some said she was the bitch from hell, but Josie was sure today would be about her merits. Sunny was an Honor Society student. And she had so many awards with so many performances. It really sank in that Sunny was an amazing person. She even volunteered at a nearby homeless shelter with her mother during the holidays.

"Please, just shut up about the accident." Josie sighed. She was feeling a bit shaky. She thought of Dylan, instantly. It was a severe emotion she could hardly contain. Josie couldn't help but want to cry for Sunny's mother. And all Henry could talk about was how that car came out of nowhere and crashed into them at a stoplight.

Finally, Shan appeared. Kind of dazed, all cool with a cigarette hanging from his mouth like a pouty rock star.

"Hey." He looked at them as if he was not ashamed to be late. He was more than cool with Henry. It was as if he didn't even acknowledge him.

Well, there must be trouble in paradise, Josie thought as Ian put his arm around her. The final bell rang. They'd be late to class if they didn't hurry. She looked back at Henry's goofy grin while Shan finished up his cigarette.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Henry can be so oblivious sometimes. :/

ivy's closet said...

Interesting, how everyone reacts differently in a time like this.

Sara Gerard said...

Different ways to handle such a horrible situation :(

lucy and sarah said...

What a way to start the day.

meg said...

What's up with Shan???

MOSAMUSE said...

poor henry!