Sunday, April 28, 2013

about having a talk

"I understand why, you, are doing it, but..but what about Josie?" Duncan hated to bring it up, but Camille hadn't exactly told Josie about Derrick moving in.

They were getting the guestroom ready upstairs. He'd moved in some more bookshelves for storage. Duncan hoped she was doing the right thing. The kid really need some stability, and he wasn't exactly getting it from his real dad.

Duncan was there for Camille when she found out the news about the baby. She'd had a good long cry on his shoulder. It wasn't so much that she was mad at herself or the baby for having Downs, but she was so sad about how others would look at the baby some day. He'd promised her it wouldn't be so awful. It wouldn't be a nightmare. It was all going to be OK.

But now she looked so tired as she set down once they got the hunter green comforter in place. It was as if she wanted to make this a room Derrick wanted to live in. Duncan smiled, knowing Derrick would have been happy if there was just a mattress on the floor.

"She's hardly here, anyway. Besides, it will give her something to yell about." Camille looked at him out of the corner of her eye as if she gave up with Josie.

"Do you want me to talk to her?" He knew she hadn't really discussed the baby with Josie.

"It wouldn't do any good." She shook her head, as if she might be the teenager instead of Josie.

"It wouldn't hurt, either." He plopped down next to Camille and put his arm around her on Derrick's bed.

"You don't have to. It should be something, she and I have to talk about." She looked so sad as if she expected the worst.

"She wouldn't run away, would she?" Duncan asked.

"She'd run to Ian's. That's where she wants to be." She sighed.

"Just tell me, you're not going to Las Vegas to..see him." Duncan knew it was none of his business, but he was sure it would only bring more unhappiness, especially for Camille. Duncan wanted to pamper her, somehow. She was always waiting on everyone else.

"No, Joe's taking care of the paperwork with Derrick. That kid needs insurance. He needs a home." She sighed.

"I get that. I just hope Derrick understands, what's going on with you two. They both need to know. Maybe..maybe we need a dinner to talk about it." Duncan suggested. "But leave the cooking to me. All right?"

"And just what would you make?" Her smile was crooked as she looked at him.

"I have my crock pot recipes." He smiled.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Camille's lucky to have him. :)

Natasha Gregson said...

He sound exactly like what she needs at the moment. Hopefully she cheers up soon!!


ivy's closet said...

Love these 2 together.

Sara Gerard said...

These two are so great. I think Camille has turned around a lot with him around.

lucy and sarah said...

Good to see them together.