Saturday, April 13, 2013

Charades and other games

Shan strained a smile. He wanted to be happy. He really did. He was with Henry, after all. But games. Did they really have to play these silly games at the party? Why couldn't they just relax, and eat and talk.

But most of the week, Henry had him exercising his brain with pantomimes and guessing silly gestures. Now Shan looked around the room. They were all couples. No Fish in sight. Suddenly, Shan felt claustrophobic. He'd feel more at ease with Fish around. Now he felt so nervous. He thought he might have a panic attack.

All Henry wanted was to win. Evidently.

Naturally, he was his charming self. Oh, so happy and generous. Did he really know this Henry?

Henry was quite the chameleon. And Shan felt as if he were put on the spot. Quite frankly, the whole night was a guessing game. So Shan began to eat so he wouldn't have to talk. After all, this was Josie and Henry's show.

"Why are you like this?" Henry cornered him between the party games.

"Like what?" Shan kept popping minature cupcakes and munching on chocolate covered pretzel sticks with sprinkles.

Henry wouldn't say, but Shan guessed it was all wrong. They were such opposites. And Shan was the worst at Charades. He had no idea what Henry was acting out, even thought they'd spent hours rehearsing.

"I just want us to be happy." Henry sighed as if he were about to give up.

"'re making it hard." Shan stared at him and handed him a cupcake. "We don't have to win, every time." Besides, didn't they have little gift baskets for the winners? It wouldn't look right if the host won. Or at least Shan imagined.

"The food's great. Josie's mom really out did herself." Shan smiled thinking he'd help clean up. Just how many games were they going to play? He knew it was important to Henry to have some good old fashioned fun. But it felt more like the Olympics at the moment. "The party is great. Its really great."

"Yeah, and you don't seem to be having any fun, at all." Henry looked at him disappointed.

Shan was beginning to think Henry didn't want him to have fun, anyway.


ivy's closet said...

So much pressure.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Shan and Henry just don't seem compatible. :/

lucy and sarah said...

I think Henry is trying too hard.

Caitlin and Megan said...

But I love them together.

Simon and Josh said...

Oh..I hate to see it end for these two.

Sara Gerard said...

I think they are putting too much pressure on the whole night.

mazzymay said...

I'd hate for them to break up.

Anonymous said...

Henry needs to lighten up.

Linda said...

Oh, Henry.

Chris Ed said...

I can understand Henry.