Friday, May 24, 2013

a little unknown fact

Sawyer spotted Syreeta on one of his little outings with Hannah. It was just a babysitting job, but he was beginning to wonder if Hannah knew that. She was dressed as if they were out for a night on the town in clunky wedges and a flowly outfit that looked as if she was ready for maybe a ballerina recital.

It wasn't a picture he wanted Syreeta to see. Sawyer with someone in elementary school. Although, Hannah looked like she was trying to be over 21. She even wore eyeliner and a lot of wicked eyeshadow. How could her mother let her out of the house, that way?

They were only out to see THE CROODS. One minutes she was hanging on to him and the next she was kicking him in the knee as if he wasn't paying enough attention to her.

"Why are you making me do this again?" He asked his Dad later, hoping he never had to go anywhere with Hannah again.

"Because you want to make some money." His Dad grinned. He knew of worse jobs.

But what was Syreeta going to think? He'd have to take a child to the movies in order to have money to take Syreeta out. It was truly a wicked world he lived in.

Even when Syreeta was here, he never got to see her. Going to the basement was off limits. It was true Zac hated him. Zac's mother didn't have to tell him different. He knew.

He did his best to leave his soon to be step-brother, alone. After all, Zac's mom was going to have major heart surgery soon. Then his dad would marry Zac's Mom and they'd honeymoon in Hawaii. He overheard them talking. He was stuck here.

Wasn't like either of his Moms were calling or sending post cards. He kind of missed them, a little. They had their own certain drama too. Supposedly, he came first in their lives, but he knew that wasn't true. Maybe it was like that, when he was really little and they used to have camp outs and travel on quick roadtrips during the summer, but it hadn't been that way in a long time.

Yes, he always wanted to see more of his Dad, and now he was with him. And yes, maybe this was the normal family he'd always wished for. Only, Zac wanted nothing to do with them. Just his music. Sawyer accepted it, but Zac had what Sawyer really wanted. It felt as if Syreeta was a world away from him.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a strange little triangle. :/

ivy's closet said...

I hope Hannah isn't to mean to him. That is an awkward situation.

lucy and sarah said...

Hopefully, he'll figure out what to do.

Sara Gerard said...

So stressful and Hannah does not help matters!

Ann said...

Hmmm... I guess most girls went through this stage of crushing an older guy and would act and dress a lot older than her real age... ahhh such an awkward stage.