Friday, May 3, 2013

a new chapter

Today was the day. It was here sooner than Zac was comfortable with. But here they were. His mother's friend and that son of his.

He had an older son too, who helped with their belongings. Zac helped, even if he didn't want too. Actually, he wanted to stay away. But darn, the neighbors were there too.

Josie's mom brought dinner, and Zac couldn't say no to the home cooked pot roast with all the fixings. So much niceness going around, but Zac didn't find it contagious. He'd met the man and his son one time before. They'd met up at the mall and had hung out at the frozen yogurt place.

He mistook this kid to be in middle school. Zac guessed he might be in high school. Evidently, Sawyer had moved plenty this year, but he looked like a real pack rat. There were boxes of old video games. Maybe he liked being alone as much as Zac did, but he was pleasant enough. Zac's Mom loved the attention, and Sawyer seemed fond of her.

Zac looked at her, hoping she knew Sawyer was a fake. He had to be. Sawyer even washed the dishes and Zac had to dry.

"Look, I've seen it all, this year." Sawyer finally confessed when they were alone in the kitchen. "One mom had a nervous break down. She's in the rehab. The other Mom, couldn't deal. Says she has to find herself. So she went off to Europe. Now I've got my real Dad, who's always been kind of like this uncle no one never wanted me to know. And he's the only one I can count on." He shrugged, after  he said his peace.

Zac nodded as he dried another dish. He guessed Sawyer had it a whole lot weirder than he ever did. It wasn't so much about having two moms, but the fact they'd ran out on him. He knew he was suppose to feel sorry for him, but actually, he wanted Sawyer to stay the hell away from him.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such conflicting emotions. :/

ivy's closet said...

This will be interesting.

lucy and sarah said...

Lets hope Zac will be nice.

Anonymous said...

Definitely, a new chapter.

Linda said...

Looks like trouble to me!

mazzymay said...

I dunno about Zac.

Simon and Josh said...

I think its cool.