Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Are you thinking of me?

Josie was furious.

 When she heard about Henry, she made flyers, immediately. She tacked up his picture at the library, on campus. She passed out flyers at school.

She was so devastated. This couldn't be real. The whole thought of Henry missing and on drugs made her woozy and not in a good way. She felt shaky, now.

"Maybe, that's because you haven't eaten anything." Ian still looked after her.

"I just can't, OK. I just can't." She felt weak as she went through the school day, hoping they'd know something soon. But no messages on her phone, even if she'd left Henry texting to voice mail, constantly.

Ian brought her favorite chicken nuggets and a cold lemonade. Daisy gathered around with some others, as they began to talk about what was going on with Henry.

"Its all Shan's fault. All of it." Josie decided.

"Wait a minute, you can't blame him. Completely." Daisy winced as if Josie was too high and mighty for her own good.

"Shan's possibly the biggest pot head at school." There. Josie said it. Henry was not with the most amazing guy, after all. "Why would Henry do something like this? Really? He hates drugs. He-" She thought of how he used to be and how he was so mad at Audrey when she was on drugs. How could he let himself be like this?  In her head, he'd been kidnapped. No way would he go on his own free will. Not the Henry she knew.

"Maybe..maybe..he's OK. Maybe, he just wanted.." Daisy sighed. "He wanted to try something different. And..and.."

"And he's going to get himself killed." Josie snapped.

"Josie, lets not get ahead of ourselves." Ian sighed. He put his arm around her and showed her the food he'd brought.

Josie swelled a small frown. Instantly she thought of Sunny and what had happened to her. She pushed the food away. Josie was sure of it now. She was going to be sick.

"I think he's really in to you," Syreeta said to Fish about Shan as she loaded up the old van in Zac's driveway. Zac, of course, had better things to do, than load up for the concert. They weren't exactly speaking at the moment.

"What are you talking about?" Fish looked down at her as he did his best to tackle the drum kit in place. He looked a bit angry. "Shan is worried sick about Henry." He reminded her how Shan went to police station and gave them all the information about the guy he'd seen Henry with. "I don't think I'm on his mind. I don't want to be. I want them to work it out. They will work it. They always do."

"Its OK, Fish..if you like him." Syreeta looked up at him. She could see it as plain as day. Why couldn't he? They were close, and Shan was really happy when he was around Fish. She'd heard him laugh, and she didn't think that was possible. Shan was a serious guy. But those two actually cooked dinner for the family, and Shan had never cooked before.

"Look, I just want the concert over. I hope they find Henry." He bit his upper lip.

"You're going to be fine." Syreeta grinned.

"I hope so." He sighed.

"And Shan will be there at the concert." Syreeta smiled again. Maybe she'd see Sawyer. It felt like weeks since she'd seen him. It would be so good to see his smile. She could adore him from afar, if it had to be that way, but somehow she was going to know him, even if Zac had a problem with it.

Shan was beginning to wonder if he'd end up in jail with so much questioning. It was his second time down at the police station. They were really interested in this Al or Alf or Alfred. When did he first meet him? How well did he know him?

Shan felt faint as they'd finally let him go. He saw Cedric in the hallway. At least he wasn't handcuffed.

"I told them about the stuff, Alf left in my basement a few months ago. It was this long wooden box. Not like a closet, but it was big." Cedric looked so pale. Shan couldn't remember Cedric when he wasn't zombie like, lately.

"What was in it?" Shan stared at Cedric as if he held the key to all of this.

"Swords. There was blood on them. His roommate's blood." Cedric told him.

Shan only winced. What could that mean?

"They haven't found his roommate, either." Cedric words were so ominous. Shan thought he might choke on his own breath. He cringed, not even sure he could leave the building. If he did? Where would he go?


Cafe Fashionista said...

This has definitely taken a turn for the worst. :/

Sara Gerard said...

Oh no!!

ivy's closet said...

Who knew A. was so bad.

Anonymous said...

This could get scary.

Simon and Josh said...

woooo...This Al guy is scary.