Sunday, May 26, 2013

Only dinner

"Is is weird, you know, having this dinner party?" Olivia felt she hadn't done a thing. She'd gotten food from downstairs. They did make a nice veggie lasagna. The cheese cake was from Oliver's. All she'd done was put a blueberry and strawberry green salad together. And now she was in a sweat. It was warm, here in their flat.

"No, its not weird." Luc was making sure the lite beer and hard cider was cold enough. He reminded her they'd survived both their parents with the announcement of her pregnancy. Now it was time to relax.

"Are you sure, its all couples?" They'd be squeezing around their dinner setting. At first it was going to be small. Just the two of them with Dorian and Jason. Now Jason was bringing his fiancee and Dorian was bringing someone too.

"That's what Dorian said." Luc hadn't a clue. "A friend. Another friend." Just what was Dorian trying to pull?

A part of Luc wondered if she were right. This could get weird. Well, maybe awkward. But Luc kept reminding her that it was just dinner.

Soon enough, Dorian got there, and he was with a girl.

Olivia shook her hand. She was really friendly. Of course, she wondered if Dorian found someone online. Was this some sort of improv? Olivia guessed she'd wait and see.

When Luc broke out the hard cider, the door bell rang. This was the dinner guests. For a second, Olivia wondered if she really needed to know any new people in her life, but Luc was so friendly. Jason seemed happy enough, and his fiancee Heather was just as kind. They'd brought bread from the bakery.

Soon enough Heather was talking about her wedding as the girls stayed in the kitchen drinking lemonade while the guys talked about how Dorian was helping Jason with the Frisbee tournaments he was getting ready for with his border collie Roy.

"What about you, Lena, what are you doing this summer?" Olivia asked.

"I dunno. Stay with Dorian, I guess. Hopefully find a job." She sounded as if her summer was a whole lot simpler than anyone else's.

just dinner


ivy's closet said...

Hopefully, they'll have more time to hang out together this summer.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's going to be a great summer. :)

Natasha Gregson said...

I hope they do have a fun one!

ellie's desk said...

So nice to have friends hang out.

Simon and Josh said...

Always sweet to have new friends.