Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I hope you can hear me

Josie on a summer day

When Henry first spoke, Josie was at a loss for words. Was he joking?

He sounded retarded. Plain and simple. It was heartbreaking, listening to him.. trying to make out the words. She hoped this wasn't the end, but the beginning. Things had to get better. She prayed mostly for her own patience's.

"Its going to be OK." She found that to be her quick answer to everything, even if she didn't really believe it.

Henry would be going to a place where he'd get more rehabilitation. He'd be away from his family, but they could visit. Josie hoped it worked.

One moment, he'd say he remembered her and the next he didn't. It was puzzling. His eyes were so dizzy. He couldn't even see straight. He started wearing a patch over one eye. He was a little silly about it. She guessed. Honestly, she had no idea what he was saying, and it pained her that she had to see him this way.

She told him she was going on a trip, soon. She'd decided to go with Ian, after all. If it wasn't Hayley with her Jama threats, it was Willow coaxing her to go. In fact, Willow said she'd come along on the trip too. Something about Jules spending some time with his Dad.

Maybe Josie did need a break.

It made her so sad that she didn't know what to do about Henry. As if she thought, she could save him. It was going to take a lot of work. Hopefully, Henry wanted to work at getting better. But what if he was never normal, again?

"I promise I'll send you post cards." She knew the real Henry always liked getting mail.

Now, he just smiled as if there was only a little part of Henry left in a body that was holding him hostage, that might not ever let him go.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm so worried about Henry - he's going through a lot. :(

ivy said...

It would be hard to know what to do. Hopefully, he'll get better.

Street Fashion Paris said...

Can;t wait to read more!

Milex said...

I am really loving it

Gail J said...

love the mood board, very inspiring

hope everything's ok :)

Sara Gerard said...

I think that Josie is finally growing up. I am glad to see that she still cares so much about him.

Library Drama said...

Its probably the right thing to do..go on her trip. Hopefully, he'll get better.

Lucy and Sarah said...

Oh, I do feel so bad for Henry.

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Anonymous said...

OMG..I feel so sad for him. I love that dress!