Thursday, June 20, 2013

It could be a full moon

The deed was done.

After much contemplation, Shan guessed he couldn't wait as long as thought he could. But there wasn't a soul in the house. Just Fish and himself. What were they waiting for?

He'd been 18 for a few months now, which wasn't all that significant as he thought it might have been. And Fish, well, he'd be 18 by August. Of course, numbers really had nothing to do with it. Just the passion. That was definitely for the taking. And it felt like a good ride, even at two in the afternoon after Fish's folks left. His Mom needed to grocery shop and his Dad needed to get something checked on the car.

Of course, both imagined Fish's parents might come back in a hour. So the kissing began for quite sometimes. Shan was sure he'd change his mind. The guy who owned the place might come home. Shan's door was locked, but they were quiet and the curtains drawn. Really, it was a lovely part of the afternoon.

"Yeap, I think I'm going to like this room." It was blue, and the color was so relaxing. Seriously, this was new to him too. It wasn't exactly the part he played, but he'd been wanting to see if he was man enough for it, and he was.

"The first time I got sand in my underwear." Shan finally confessed, afterwards. "I'm not sure it was as good as I imagined. I mean, I kept thinking of it some religious experience. You know, one with the earth." He hoped that didn't sound stupid. A little of him felt a bit stupid about it. He tried not to dwell on it now. Not with Fish, but Fish wasn't saying anything.

"Are you OK?" He hoped he hadn't killed him. His hands came around Fish's face. They were close. He wished he knew what to say, but then he wasn't exactly Romeo.

Fish nodded. His skin was tender.

"I guess, I kept thinking..if..if it did happen. It would be Graduation night." Fish told him. " And..and you know, it would happen in my room,'d leave me.. when I went to sleep, and you'd never call." His words were sad. It made Shan even sadder to imagine him so silent and leaving Fish in the dead of night.

"I wouldn't do that." Shan shook his head. "Nope, I pretty much want to be here. I don't think we're done yet."

It was calm now. Like a lull of some kind. Dreamy perhaps. He was definitely going to like it here.

When he awoke, it was dark. A light came from under the door. A baby was crying.

Everyone was here, and he and Fish were still undressed in bed. Shan flinched to find the lamp Fish's Mom gave him.

He should get up and find out who was exactly here. It felt kind of strange meeting his housemates this way.

He got dressed. Fish was still asleep, and Shan couldn't bare to wake him. After all, he really did want him to stay the night. Finally, he came downstairs, barefooted, just in a tank and his old ripped jeans.

There was a loveseat in the middle of the livingroom. It looked out of place.

"Hey do you guys need some help?" Shan asked.

Someone was unloading some fresh veggies and a watermelon. The girl with the baby handed him a container of homemade marshmellows.

"Hey, you must be Shan." Some slim fellow shook his hand. "You've got my old room. I'm Luc."

Shan smiled with a nod. Luc headed upstairs.

"You, wouldn't need anything from that room, would you?" Shan watched Luc hoping he didn't look too nervous.

"I just wanted to see what you did with the place," Luc teased. "Actually, I'm measuring the door to Dorian's room. See if we can fit the loveseat in."

"Oh." Shan felt a shallow laugh as if he were up for that, but he raced up the stairs, thinking it might be a good idea to wake Fish up.


ivy said...

Definitely, a wee bit of suspense there. And hopefully, its a good start of something.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice to see some changes coming about for them all. :)

Lucy and Sarah said...

I'm glad Shan didn't turn out to be how Fish thought it might be.

Anonymous said...

I think Fish is possibly more mature in all of this..than maybe even Shan might have thought.

Sara Gerard said...

HA! Yeah, that could have been awkward.

Street Fashion Paris said...

Fish is pretty mature I will say.

MazzyMay said...

Things are definitely moving along.