Thursday, July 18, 2013

age of reasoning


Kat was thinking back on the 4th at Elliot's. Of all places they could have picked to be, there they were with all of Elliot's family and friends. Of course, it was Penelope's picnic.

They'd brought cold chunks of watermelon. Thankfully, Wild cut it up the night before. Kat didn't feel too domestic these days with her day job down at the police station. Actually, she really wasn't in any hurry to be a police officer. As it was, baby was on board and that was the priority at the moment.

Still, she could remember there was a time she thought she was saving Wild from his miserable life. If he was with her, he would be different. He would be who she somehow invented. But who was she kidding now, he definitely saved her. Perhaps not with his authority, but with just doing what he loved. Just being himself.

And he loved his job. He loved being a Dad, too. These were two things she'd never thought about before, but now she was learning to appreciate.

Still, as she watched Elliot from afar, flipping burgers and visiting with his Dad and cousin, he was different now. Not quite the sly teenage boy who knew he was pretty darn cute. He knew what he could get away with, but now he was much more attentive. Asking questions. Concerned.

Maybe Penelope saved him from something. She loved his kid. Even took to his step-daughter who used to live with him. Finally, it felt more like home now. More so, than when she was growing up in this little town.

So she thought it was time to be a little kinder to Fish.

bow tie

"I thought you might need these." She brought him a box of bow ties.

"Where did these come from?" Fish looked at her funny when he opened the shoebox.

"They're mine." She smiled. "Just don't laugh at me. But I love bow ties. I always have. And since you know, you have this job at the library, you should look the part."

Now she did have him laughing.

"I dunno." Fish winced with a grin. "Why did you have them, anyway?"

"All right," she said, wincing hard as if she wasn't sure she wanted him to know this little secret. "You know, how some to..go in drag..uh, its kind of the opposite of that. I mean, I feel really good in a uniform. A suit. Its not like, I'm trying to pass as a man, or anything. I mean..maybe that's why I liked the military. Or..why..I wanted to be a police officer. I like it."

She bit her bottom lip, hoping he didn't think she was too weird. It wasn't exactly a talk she'd ever had with her Mom. It wasn't really a problem. Kat didn't think.

"Thanks." Fish gave her a hug.

Kat felt so emotionally suddenly, as if she'd really hurt him in the past. She couldn't help but push her fingers through his mop of dark auburn hair.

"So, you and Shan?" She looked him in the eye. "Is it..really serious?"

Fish nodded as if he'd rather stay mute on the subject.

She sighed. She had never thought her baby brother would ever be with anyone. She always thought he'd be in the same room. Forever. Honestly, she just didn't think of him sexual, at all.

"Just..I don't want him to hurt you." Kat kept her arm around his neck. He was still so young. He couldn't have possibly done anything with Shan. Not her little brother.

"He won't hurt me." Fish looked her in the eye. She knew now he was much stronger than her. He always had been.

"He isn't in high school, anymore." She was serious.

"He's only a few months older than me." Fish told her. "I'm not a child."

"I know..but..but you'll always be my baby brother." She messed with his hair, again. "Its just a surprise. A total surprise. But I know you're too good for him. You are."

"Kat," Fish grinned as he shook his head. "You're totally amazing. Possibly, the most rotten sister in the world." He smirked. "What I would really like for you, to do. If you could, for me.." He sighed. "Get to know Syreeta. She's part of this family too."


Cafe Fashionista said...

I do hope she gives Fish a chance. :)

ivy said...

Glad his sister is coming around.

Sara Gerard said...

Aw! Lots going on here, that was a sweet moment between them! And, BOWTIES.

Caitlin and Megan said...

I love bowties!

Lucy and Sarah said...

Oh..his sister is kind of weird.

Natasha Gregson said...

I do hope she welcomes Syreeta and gives her a chance :)

Kri said...

Beautiful !