Saturday, July 13, 2013



Jules thought he might crack under pressure. But he hadn't yet. He even went out with Archie and Magz.

He really thought they were quiet adorable together. Evidently, his father thought so too.

His dad usually met them somewhere on a Saturday night for dinner. Sometimes, they might take in a show. But his father didn't go to pubs. He did show Jules where he worked and his truck. Actually, he could talk for hours about his work, from shooting pigeons to other pest Jules really didn't want to hear about.

Rufus was quite a talker. Jules wasn't so sure he wanted Willow around him, but she seemed to enjoy his stories. Yet the whole time, all Jules could observe was how flirty the man was. All touchy feely. A lot like the way it was with his mother. Jules gritted himself through it. He would watch. Hopefully, mum knew what she was doing with Rufus. But that laugh of hers, he knew who was winning. Hayley's Dad didn't have a chance with her anymore. And he was the one with the white collar job. Just what did his mother see in Rufus?

But things were moving along. There time would be up shortly, and they'd need to go back to the states. Naturally, they had to go to all the old haunts. It was easy to do with practically a pub on every corner. There was no way to avoid the usuals.

Damn, if he didn't have to run into one of his old girlfriends.

"What? You know Jama?" Hayley looked at Jules as if that couldn't be true.

"You, know her?" Now Jules wasn't so sure he liked Hayley to be about in these parts. As he looked at Jama behind the bar now, he was certain she was a bad influence. After all, Jama had been a thief, a slapper and even spent some time in rehab.

"She's a mate. I bet she's never met a stranger." Hayley informed him over drinks at the Black Cat.

"I bet she hasn't, either." Jules looked back at Jama who hadn't really noticed him as of yet. As it was, Ian was at the bar chatting it up with her, like old times. Jules looked at Josie wondering how she'd take it, if she knew Jama was the first girl who ever kissed Ian.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Jama's appearance is definitely not a good thing. :/

ivy said...

Its interesting to see each side of the story of Jules and Jama.

Library Drama said...

Oh, Maybe Jules is wrong about Jama.

Anonymous said...

I love the conversation between Jules and Haley.

Lucy and Sarah said...

Oh bitter sweet for Jules.