Sunday, July 28, 2013

Oh, those doppelgangers

Darn..if Derrick didn't have a class with Holden during summer school.

He was anxious to know if Mitch thought Holden was his doppelganger. Of course, Derrick didn't think so.

"We look nothing a like." Derrick informed Mitch, but just to make sure, he wanted Mitch to pick him up from school one day.

Holden hadn't said one word to him. Derrick doubted they'd ever speak to each other. It might be best not too. Still, he felt kind of sad for him. Holden wasn't exactly making friends. But then again, Derrick wasn't exactly talking to any of his old friends, either.

He didn't say good bye to Ian. A part of him really regretted it, but he guessed what might have been left of their friendship was way far gone. He was definitely giving Josie her space, yet she was across the pond, which had been pretty nice, when he thought about it. Not having to see her everyday, for a few weeks.

And of course, Daisy. He thought it best to let that go as quietly as possible. Instead, Mitch took up enough of his time, if he weren't at work or school, or in their band which got a gig ever couple of weeks.

Derrick really wanted to focus on Mitch. Still, he hoped he would never got back to his old ways of shutting people out. He was going to try harder to be the friend he should be. And of course, a better boyfriend.

"So what do you think?" Derrick asked once he got in Mitch's car as everyone was leaving the high school building at 2 p.m.

"Think of what?" Mitch looked at him as if he were quite oblivious.

"You know, him?" Derrick hated to point to the guy with the messy curls  going to his car. "Does he look like me?"

"Um, I guess he could." Mitch didn't make much of it. "Or not. I don't think he's your twin."

That was a relief to hear. Derrick didn't think so, either. Naturally, something else was on Mitch's mind as he drove away.

Char wasn't home.

Things were giddy, after that. It wasn't often they were ever really alone. Derrick knew Mitch's sister Char didn't like him. He just knew, even if Mitch kept telling him that was not true.

"She's known you, since you were a kid." Mitch kept insisting there was nothing she hated about him. Derrick begged to differ. Char was afraid he was taking Mitch away from her. Derrick didn't talk about that now. Besides, having the place to themselves meant anything could happen.

So they kissed with the lights on in Mitch's room. It felt as if finally spontaneity had arrived. Not even a thunderstorm was going to stop this afternoon endeavor. Actually, Derrick thought all the deep kisses could be enough, but even he knew it was time to get what he wanted.

So, it happened. Possibly, it was a bit of a race. Of course, he did want to blame it on Char. Who arrived on time at 3:30.

They were still as could be. Lights out. Under the covers, in case she did open Mitch's door, which she did on occasion, just to ask Mitch some random question. Usually about trash bags or what was he using toilet paper for.

If she did, she'd see lumps under the comforter instead of something she insisted was disgusting.

But today, they heard laughter. Real laughter. She was with someone. A guy.

"Holy shit." Mitch whispered as if the impossible happened. Char brought home a guy.

Naturally, Mitch told him to get dressed. They were going to check this out.

"Just, don't annoy her." Derrick whispered back. Soon enough, they investigated the matter.

Char found someone who looked an awful lot like Mitch, and she was letting this guy put his hands around her waist.

"Char? What's going on?" Mitch looked so innocent. Derrick couldn't help but crack up. Didn't Mitch see it? Derrick could. His sister was seeing Mitch's doppelganger.


Francesca said...

Haha yes I agree with you


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a random coincidence. :)

ivy said...

I think its sweet that Char has found someone.

Anonymous said...

Derrick's gotta stop thinking that way.

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