Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Part of the process

more than a flashback

Aidan got out everything he owned on Star Wars. He had several paperbacks, some he'd even gotten when he was a -pre-teen. Yes, he was a nerd at heart.

"You sure, you want to watch these?" Aidan put the DVD's in a book bag.

"Yes, I don't remember them." Henry looked at him as if he'd completely forgotten.

"Well, you weren't all that excited about them, the first time." Aidan shrugged, thinking Henry might get bored, but he knew Henry was doing this for Vada.

He mentioned her more than once and was happy to get the bag of books. He was sure Vada would want to read them.

Aidan tried his best to keep on topic with Henry, but then he remembered overhearing his parents say something about Henry and human trafficing. He'd wanted to ask about it, but they were pretty hush hush. Aidan knew he couldn't ask Henry.

Still, he felt so sad, he couldn't help but hug Henry.

"What was that for?" Henry was very stoic as if he didn't actually have human emotion, anymore.

"I dunno. I'm glad I could help." Aidan got misty-eyed. This was all he needed, a meltdown in front of his little brother.

"I can't believe Audrey lets you keep all this junk." Henry looked at him as if Aidan was a true pack-rat.

"I let her keep all her boy bands stuff. Sometimes, she just has to get out her 'N Sync to party too." Aidan did his best to not grin, too much.

"Really?" Henry didn't see that funny.

"And..and she has the cats." Aidan grinned, almost wanting to touch Henry, but he could clearly see that wasn't something he wanted. "Maybe, if you want, bring Vada with you next time. I'd love to talk Star Wars with her."

"OK," Henry nodded. "That sounds good." He smiled as if he did want Aidan to meet his friend.


Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice to see Aidan reaching out to Henry. :)

ivy said...

I liked that bit about Audrey and the boy bands, too.

Pop Champagne said...

haha, omg NSYNC back in the days!!

Courtney said...

love in sync, really any boy band... thier just the best! I met harry stylies a few weeks ago (gasp) at a rooftop pool in nyc, he was sooooo nice i was actually really surprised <3 there's a picture on my instagram!

Xo Courtney || ColorMeCourtney.com

Sara Gerard said...

HA! So funny and cute! But I am liking how Henry is turning around!

Take me to Tarah said...


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Lucy and Sarah said...

Oh..the good old days. I think being with someone is full of compromise..and I think Aidan must have some fun too..with Audrey.

MazzyMay said...

I like seeing Henry and Aidan together.

Natasha Gregson said...

They're really sweet :) The NSYNC bit made me chuckle-and have nostalgia!