Wednesday, July 3, 2013

summertime blues

"I'm glad you put in your application," Asa said, yet he didn't want to get too close to Elvis Dean. "You see, community service is paying off."

The teenager was turned away from him as he slid in a few more biographies. Elvis Dean gave Asa the once over. No expression and went for some more books to put away.

"Elvis," Asa said.

"It's just Dean." He informed him. "Don't ever call me that. I don't go by that name."

"OK, Dean." Asa wanted to be barrier of good news. He really needed the high schooler here this summer. Ian quit. He'd put in his notice over a month ago or so, but he had Dean here to do his time for having it out with a soda pop machine at the high school gym. "The job is yours."

Dean looked him in the eye. He didn't look so happy about it, but he thanked him. He told him his foster mom would be pleased.

"Right now, we need you, during the summer reading program." Asa promised him thirty hours a week.

Dean nodded as if he'd make it here on time.

"Little children will not be a problem." Dean told him. "I'll keep to myself."

Asa wasn't sure he liked Dean's ominous answer. He did have faith in him. He was a hard worker. He worked fast too. It wasn't until now that he realized Dean had some issues. He hoped he didn't regret hiring him.


Anonymous said...

What could this possibly mean?

ivy said...

New character!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I hope this turns out okay. :/

Sara Gerard said...

Oh I hope this turns out okay for Asa!

Lucy and Sarah said...

This will be interesting to see what develops.

Anonymous said...


Natasha Gregson said...

I do hope the job foes ok for both of their sakes!