Friday, July 26, 2013

this guy

"God, how can this be happening?" Lena said under her breath. True, she could take care of the place. This was not their busy time, but it could get busy. She'd never really closed, herself. She hated to admit it, but she did depend on Dorian, and now someone was taking him to the clinic.

Lena winced.

"Do you know who that guy was?" She asked the stranger, who's name so happened to be Tony.

"Uh, I think he works in the modern language department.." He shrugged as he looked up at the menu to decided on something. "Got any of your specials left?"

"Maybe. One." She looked to see.

"Then. I'll take it." He smiled. He wasn't hard to please with roast beef on a crusty roll, some chips and a fruit salad. He got him some iced tea.

Lena watched him walk off with the tray to a clean table. Damn, if he didn't look fit in his gray slacks and striped polo. She even shocked herself that she noticed. Yes, there were real guys out there, but she hadn't been interested. Not that she was interested in Dorian, either.. But maybe she'd been missing out.

 She really hadn't gone out on a date since early fall. It was not the best date. Of course, she didn't think any of her dates were all that great. Maybe it was her.

Of course, Tony didn't look back. He downed the sandwich in about four bites. He looked back and smiled as if she had another, he'd take it, but he munched on a chip.

She reached for the last sandwich. She'd wanted Dorian to eat it, or at least take it home with him. Seriously, she was worried about his eating habits.

"Here, we can't keep it." She took it to him.

"Well, thanks." He smiled. "I usually, just stop by ever great once in a while. Usually, in the fall." He unwrapped it. "So what do you want me to do?" He questioned.

"I dunno." She looked around. Dorian knew what to do. "I just started working here."

"Bummer." He shrugged as if he was ready for her to go away so he could have a moment with the sandwich. "Uh, where did everybody go? Usually, that really cute short girl is around and that young married couple."

"England." Lena smiled.

"So where are you going when they get back?" Tony smirked.

"Nowhere." She didn't mean for it to sound so sad.

"I know what you mean. I'm not going anywhere, either." He bit into his sandwich then.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Tony's kind of an entertaining guy. :)

ivy said...

I kind of like Tony.

Lucy and Sarah said...

Interesting. I think he might even be sweet to know.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Tony is a good guy.