Wednesday, July 31, 2013

While I'm alive

While I'm Alive

Where was the Jackie Chan of her life?

Well, Char had been waiting over a decade to meet him, and he hadn't surfaced yet. Yes, she had such a criteria that she'd written in her journal her Freshman year in high school. Her boyfriend would be Asian. Possibly a ninja and of course, vegetarian. She upgraded the last part to vegan when she started college.

Possibly, it was a vow to herself to not get messy with boys. Besides, her education came first. But as the days, the months and the years wore on, it was easy to see she would just be an old maid that lived with her little brother, Mitch.

Yes, people tried to set her up, but she couldn't. She wouldn't. It was out of her comfort zone. Of course, she wasn't so sure she enjoyed her own company, either. But there was Mitch, Somehow she always found a comfort in him. Even if they didn't agree on everything. Like, not bringing meat into the apartment.

And then he brought Derrick home. Oh, she had a fit. He didn't know it. She'd literally had a silent tantrum in her room. She hoped he'd forgotten about him. But damn... if he didn't have a brain of an elephant.

He'd vowed long ago Derrick was the one. Of course, Char questioned him not once but several times. "How can you be attracted to just one guy?" She was beginning to think Mitch was about a fickle as she.

They'd never fall in love. They'd live together forever. And as boring as that might sound, was normal. Very normal to Char, anyway.

But then a few weeks ago, when her co-worker Jen cornered her in the back storage room, hoping to make out with her, a silent alarm went off in Char's head. This was not what she wanted. Jen thought she was a lesbian.

Char ran out so fast that she bumped into Lucky, who bought her a soda in the breakroom to help calm her down. Of course, she hadn't had a Coke in years. It made her sort of woozey, and he was so nice and familiar. She couldn't say what it was about him, but he made her laugh.

Soon they went out for food. Later in the week a movie. Gradually, he held her hand. She felt as if she were in seventh grade, all over again. Yes, it was a rush. And his lips tasted like Twizzlers. A candy she could actually eat.

Yes, she had it bad for Lucky, who was always on her mind now. But as she laid their in her own bed counting the steps it took to be here at this moment, she heard drilling in the next room.

Horrified, she went to see what Mitch was up too. He'd put in a lock from the inside.

"Mitch! What do you, think you, are doing!" She snapped. "Let me in! NOW!"

He opened to door, but he didn't let her in.

"This is to keep you, out." He looked at her as if he was looking at the real her for the first time.

Char swelled a frown as she hugged herself tight.

"What's this about?" She wanted to know as she was in slouchy bedtime clothes.

"You know, what its about." Mitch glared back. She gave him the eye, as if she'd take the stare down challenge, right now. "I want to be with Derrick."

"Is this about Lucky?" Char pressed.

Mitch rolled his eyes.

"Lucky? What kind of name is that?" Mitch winced as if this could be war if that's what she wanted.

"Who cares, what kind of name it is...Just.."

"I hope you move in with him." Mitch informed her.

"He lives with his grandmother." She sighed.

"Oh, you do know, how to pick'm, don't you?" Mitch smiled as if his sister wasn't so lucky with Lucky, after all.

"I don't care." She looked up at him, knowing he wasn't exactly little anymore. "He's nice to me." And she did like being up close with Lucky's face.

"Just don't tell me, he's younger than me?" Mitch festered a look that he'd be totally disappointed in her if that were the case.

"He's thirty." She winced as if she was hoping Lucky would be younger.

"Really?" Mitch leaned on the edge of his doorway. "God, I was so sure he was just 17. He's probably a virgin nerd."

"So." She looked at him as if that was not an awful thing. They were doing just fine. No need to broadcast it. "All right. Have your stupid lock. But would you keep it down and play some Morrisey or something when Derrick's over."

"And you can play Starfkr when Luky's here." He shrugged.

Finally, they shook on a deal.


ivy said...

Siblings. Char is interesting. Char and unlikely...but sweet.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love their relationship - so entertaining! :)

mazzymay said...

What a pair. I'm sure they both have their qualms with each other.

Sara Gerard said...

LOL this was kinda funny! I love how they interact as brother and sister!