Saturday, August 10, 2013

just like the first time

at the library

Josie caught the tail end of Willow and Dorian's conversation.

She guessed a lot had changed in the last few weeks. Still, Dorian looked as miserable as ever.

She'd stopped by the library before coming to work. Now she wondered why. Perhaps, old habits never died. Usually, it was a pattern to stop by on her way to work, just to check in with Ian, wondering what he'd want for her to save for him at the coffee shop.

Still the dull emotion hung on. He wasn't here anymore. She knew that. But she hoped against hope, he might surprise her. There was someone else in his place.

Josie couldn't help but give the shelver the evil eye. He was almost smiling until their eyes met. He looked away, even if he did pull out his ear plugs. She noticed he was listening to THE SOUNDS. She could hear the Queen of Apologies song playing. Well, she wasn't going to apologize.

Next she saw Fish chatting with Audrey. This was new. No Henry.

"You mean, you didn't give Henry his old job back?" She couldn't help but sound agitated. How could this be happening?

"He didn't want it, Josie." Audrey looked a bit perturbed. "Besides, I'm not sure he could really handle it."

"What? You, mean he's retarded now." She let slip.

"Josie!" Now Audrey was pissed that she'd say such a thing, but Josie couldn't help to be in a pout.

"How is he?" She wanted to know. Henry hadn't returned any of the messages she'd left him.

"He's been keeping to himself, but I think he's better. Who knows, he might be good as new by the time school starts. He seems better every day." Audrey's words were hopeful.

"How was your trip?" Fish asked as if she'd hoped someone would ask.

"Fine." Josie hugged herself. "I guess you know, Ian stayed." Suddenly, her throat ached. Maybe she wasn't fit for work, after all.

Fish nodded.

"Are you OK?" He asked.

She only swelled a frown. What did he think?

Now, Josie was glad to be back at the coffee shop. It was good to be back on schedule. She wouldn't think of Ian. She wouldn't even think of Henry. Maybe it was good to think of someone's troubles, other than her own.


ivy said...

Josie, has a lot to get through. Maybe she isn't as grown up as she thinks she is.

Lucy and Sarah said...

It'll be hard to re-adjust.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Josie. My heart goes out to her right now. :/

Caitlin and Megan said...

Its gonna be a long road back for her.

Natasha Gregson said...

She sounds like she's going through a lot. Focusing on something else could work two ways but I think she needs to face her problems and address how she feels :)