Saturday, September 14, 2013

a little unknown fact

vada says

"So...did you kiss her?" Vada couldn't help but sneak away from her marathon of Red Dwarf on the TV. She left Henry and Cody with the popcorn to find out how it went for Dean.

"And why would I tell you?" He was blushing.

"Did you?" She teased.

He only smiled. She knew he didn't.

"You left us for tacos?" She looked at him serious now. They'd been stuck with a tuna casserole. Definitely not her favorite. Vada rolled her eyes and went back to her place between Henry and Cody. She watched Dean go up to his room.

"Some day, I want to sly dog." She grinned. "Well, to Dean." Henry looked at her. Cody too. She took some popcorn and ate it, thinking it was best to get back to the show.

"So, how's your friend, in band?" Vada asked Henry after the show was over. She stopped Cody from clicking into another episode with the remote.

"He kind of got in trouble." Henry shrugged. "He wanted to pick me up for school, but band practice is so early. I think he wants to quit band now, but I told him not too. I mean, band is like everything to him."

"But he would quit band for you." Vada reminded him.

"But he's not." Henry winced. "I won't let him."

She picked up the popcorn bowl and went to clean up. Henry followed her to the kitchen.

"About Homecoming," he mentioned. "You want to go, right?"

"Oh." Vada knew Cody was waiting in the livingroom. She couldn't forget him. "Uh..." She nursed her upper lip. "I want to go. Its just, Cody wants to go too."  He'd already asked her, but they needed a ride.

"Why don't we just go together." Henry shrugged as if that would be the right thing to do.

"But, you probably know..." She didn't want to start anything. "Fine, we'll all go together." Simple. Evidently. Dean could drive them, but then she remembered he would probably want to be alone with Josie. "But I don't think Dean can drive us. Maybe you should ask your friend. Maybe Leo could drive us." She bit her bottom lip.

"I dunno." Henry shrugged as if he didn't want to bother Leo.

"Or your Dad?" Vada smiled as if she knew a wee bit about reverse psychology.

"I'll text him." Henry got out his phone and texted Leo. "The game should be over now."

Naturally, he got a quick response.

"Yeah, he can do it." Henry smiled as she scooted in next to Cody. Henry set down next to her and texted a little more to Leo. Cody gave her a quick smile. He clicked into another episode.

Cody's forearm touched hers ever so casually. She slightly moved away. Henry looked at his phone and smiled at something Leo texted. Vada decided to let Cody's arm rest next to hers, after all.


Mel said...

I wonder what Henry was smiling about?

ivy said...

Maybe Vada is gonna give Cody a chance.

Lucy and Sarah said...

I'm glad they are good friends. All of them.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice to see them all so happy. :)