Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dancing with my self

crazy crazy crazy

Vada looked around, sitting in the bleachers. Honestly, she didn't want to move. She was in close enough. It was nice being there, seeing all the pretty dresses.

"Are you sure, we can't dance?" Cody asked as if he was getting hyper by the second, just sitting next to her.

"We just got here." She didn't want to tell him she didn't dance. That she didn't know how. Maybe she would dance, but it was too soon. Instead she way eying Dean with Josie. They were dancing. Making fools of themselves, actually.

"I'm gonna get something to drink." Cody stood up taking in the perimeter as if he'd have to figure out how to get to the drink station. "Do you want anything?"

She shook her head, no and looked at the daisies on her wrist. She was wearing white with too many ruffles, but did it really matter? Her peasant blouse was tied with a gold ribbon. She kept looking at the detail of it. It was a last minute adjustment. She was sure it would not come undone.

 After a while she leaned back, there was Henry down on the gym floor staring up at her. She looked away as if she saw someone she knew. Before she knew it, he was up the bleachers sitting next to her.

"Are you, OK?" He asked.

She nodded and told him Cody was getting something to drink.

"Where's Leo?" She looked for him.

"He's acting like he doesn't want anyone to know who he came with. I think he's outside." Henry shrugged as if he didn't care, but she knew he did.

"I think he likes you, he just doesn't know it." She leaned in a little, but not too much.

"I've known him since I was Freshman. He's just Leo. And...well, he's Leo." Henry shrugged as if nothing was going on.

"If you say so." She looked him in the eye. "But I think there might be more to it."

"Now who's using their imagination?" He got defensive.

She spotted Cody, and he wasn't even drinking anything. He was talking to a girl. A very tall girl, in fact.

Vada couldn't help but stare. What was he doing?

Cody went on the dance floor with Spencer. Vada remembered her from Vollyball. She was like playing with a professional at P.E.  Of course, Spencer made the Freshman team. 

And there was Leo, all by himself doing his own thing, taking up a good portion of the gym doing some kind of hideous dance that looked a little robotic, yet quite jerky. People were giving him room.

"Shouldn't you go save him?" She looked to Henry.

"Should I?" He winced.

"Yes, you should." She gave him a bit of a push.  Henry blew a breath. He made his way down the steps in his white dancing shoes and very plaid blazer while sporting his silver bow tie.

Vada followed. She wasn't sure she wanted Cody having a good time with some other tall girl. So she went and stood close to Cody, who was doing his own thing. She watched Henry trying to keep up with Leo. She couldn't help but smile.

At the moment, she was dancing with herself. Wasn't that what this was all about, anyway?

2000th Post!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Congrats on your 2000th post babe! :)

ivy said...

Congrads! Oh, Vada, I'm glad she's there for Henry, but she better decided how she feels about Cody.

Anonymous said...

GO YOU! You are such a talented writer!

Mel said...

Does Vada even LIKE Cody?

Sara Gerard said...

Poor Vada, I think she is just so lost.