Monday, October 14, 2013

in another world

In another world

Cody couldn't explain it. Perhaps, it was just nature. But no one had made him feel quite this way. Especially, Vada.

Oh, he'd been loyal and faithul. It got him nowhere. Honestly, he thought he could be there for Vada without question, and then Spencer came along.

She was so happy go lucky. And she really liked him. Oh, if only Vada could have what she was having, it would have been perfect, but this wasn't bad. Not really.

Spencer was awkward and gawky, but she liked to listen to him talk. And her smile was contagious.

They'd dance every dance that night at homecoming. The fast ones. More fast ones and finally, the slow ones. Of course, she was taller than him, but he was used to it. Vada towered over him too. Still, Spencer and Cody did enjoy each other's company.

And...she'd actually let him kiss her good night. That alone was a feat he didn't think possible.

Naturally, he didn't know if he were good or bad, but she'd kissed him back, braces and all. He wasn't nervous around her. Yet in the process, he felt he'd lost Vada in the vast ocean of people. And Vada didn't even care.

That's what broke his heart the most. She didn't care.

Sure, he felt guilty now, but Spencer wanted to hang out with him. She invited him to her volley ball games.

Cody thought he might never see Vada, again. He probably would never talk with Henry nor any of her other friends Not even Dean, and he'd been like a brother to him.

But he had a girlfriend now, and there were new people to meet and like. He hoped they liked him. He hoped he was making the right decision.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I think things will work out. :)

Sara Gerard said...

What a tough situation :(

ivy said...

I think he's growing up. And it'll be a new challenge. Especially, finding someone who want him for a boyfriend.
Definitely, a learning experience.

Anonymous said...

But I thought he really loved Vada?