Friday, October 18, 2013

into the ordinary

out there somewhere

Max did make a conscious effort not to think about Daisy, lately. But, maybe old habits had a way of slipping back like a second skin. Everything did fit with Daisy.

Yet, Sara was the present, perhaps the future.

Why did Daisy have to be so fickle?

She was rather Now you see me..Now you don't at the homecoming dance. He was actually going to say something to her, but then she was nowhere to be found.

Well, she did have Hansen who was loyal just as Max was to Sara, for the most part. Yes, there was that digression that happened not so long ago. But he was really confused and a little lost back then. Yet, he didn't have a right to say that Daisy took advantage of him. Because she didn't.

It was like a slow headache that he thought if he didn't think about..would go away. Yet, he was so sure Sara would never forgive him if she knew. And lies, just got the best of him. He was not a good liar. Although, he was rather good at saying nothing. And he'd meant to do this..a long time ago.  Break up with her. When school started. Yet, he'd lapsed back into  being comfortable with Sara. Still, like a whispering ghost, it would come back to him. What about Daisy?

So he broke up with Sara, but not that night at the dance. That would have been cruel, he thought. Even so, it was bad. It would be bad. After all, he did it in a text.

"I don't believe you." She called him immediately.

Even then he was in a sweat, feeling faint. He just didn't know what to say.

"Its for the best. You've got college to think about." He reminded her. All these things she'd be needing to do alone. Without him.

"You're kidding." She laughed, but he didn't see anything funny about it.

"I'm not kidding." He wanted to leave Daisy out of it. If he had too, he'd quit work so he wouldn't have to deal with Sara. But he loved the grocery store. Derrick was there and everyone else he knew. She was the one who would be leaving soon. "I just think its for the best."

He hung up on her and cried for the next fifteen minutes which felt more like three hours. Did she really want to know the truth? He'd cheated on her, and he had a pretty good idea how Sara might react to that. Not good.


Mel said...

But cheating isn't nice :(

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Cheating is never a good thing. :(

ivy said...

Oh..and he did it in a text. So bad.

Sara Gerard said...

He really isn't unstable, going from Sara is the present, perhaps the future to breaking up with her all at once, :( poor guy needs some help!