Sunday, October 6, 2013

just a heartbeat

things might change

Derrick couldn't get it out of his mind. He wanted too. But it was driving him crazy. At least he didn't confront Daisy about it.

"Are you sure everything is OK with Daisy?" Derrick stopped Max before he got in the school.

"Why shouldn't it be?" Max didn't look all that dazed about it.

"So, you and Sara? Everything is tight?" Derrick looked Max over hoping he'd show a sign, that maybe it wasn't.

"We're great." His smile was calm. Maybe too calm.

"OK." He guessed Max would never make a mistake. Max wasn't anything like him. "But, you'd tell me..if..if you know," Derrick sighed. He thought about what Mitch told him. Stay out of it. "I'm glad everything is OK now." Derrick smiled as if it were a little too late. "Glad you saw, Dad..when you did."

"Yeah, it was good visit." At least, Max confessed.

But as Derrick watched his brother go, he wondered if Max could forget Daisy so easily.

"Call me!" Derrick shouted as Max walked toward the commons in the high school. "Anytime."


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I am glad Derrick is reaching out to Max.

cateyesandskinnyjeans said...

Great character set!