Tuesday, October 29, 2013

You can be my princess

Had Roman Hardy sunk to a new all time low?

This was definitely not his style, but Vada said she was going and he wanted to somehow get in her good graces.

Vada was not like other girls. She didn't even like his car. Usually, that was his best selling point.

It was obvious. Girls did like to be seen with him and he couldn't help to be popular. That was what this Hardy boy was made of.

He had style and of course, spent his money well. On occasion, he was reckless when he was bored. But he was certainly not bored around Vada. After all, he wanted her to be in the play. Even if she were a Freshman.

He'd chatted her up quite a bit with the drama teacher. He said she was a natural talent. Actually, she was a natural beauty.

Yes, she'd taken the bait. She did like him. After all, she came over and did a little scene with him at the Star Wars party. It was so unexpected and genuine. He'd never found someone to act with before. Not of this caliber. It was as if it was meant to be. Something pure with its own force that he couldn't help but ride out as the words were like a game of tennis volly.

Roman couldn't believe it.

Then this Essie interrupted, sending him back down to earth.

Yes, they had a past.

It was at a party. He barely remembered now, but he'd woke up with her in his car. Still, it was all so fuzzy, even now.

He really couldn't stand her. She was just another Princess Leia, as far as he was concerned. He only wanted to be with the genuine princess, and her name was Vada.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Oh, I hope it works out for him and Vada.


ivy said...

Oh..maybe he's the one for Vada.

Sara Gerard said...

I am not sure if I like him, it seems like he wants to trick Vada, and at the end he seems a bit possessive.