Wednesday, November 6, 2013

don't get me started

Don't get me started

Vada pried it out of him. She knew Dean wouldn't tell her straight out, but she was glad he'd told her about Roman and his "feelings" about girls like Josie who were far beneath him. She didn't even want to know what he'd think of her and she swore she didn't care.

It gave her a new perspective. Naturally, she wouldn't give him the time of day other than run lines with him at play practice.

"Well, he's going to call, you, a snob." Henry reminded her when she saw him at the library, on a break between school and play practice.

"I don't even care." She was sullen. Still she looked over her shoulder and saw Josie talking to Dean.

"Why don't you talk to her, anymore?" She asked Henry who was only going to spend a few minutes with her and get back to the books that needed covering.

"Who?" He looked puzzled as if there was no one there with Dean. As if Josie was invisible to him.

"She was your friend, once." Vada glared at him wondering what sort of guy was he. No better than Roman, on choosing who he'd socialize with.

"Its just..different now..all right." He sighed as if he might be peeved with himself. "I'm not that..that Henry, anymore." He hugged himself as if he could be just as stubborn as Vada.

"I thought you would have talked with her, by now. You know, her boyfriend dumped her."

"Yeah, I know." Henry nodded. "But..she's got Dean now."

"I suppose, but she really misses you." Vada told him.

"How do you know that?" Henry winced as he looked at Josie, so close to Dean. It was hard to tell if Dean was really working.

"The way she looks at you. Its like, she wonders what she did wrong, and if she'll do the same thing again, and not even know it." Vada shrugged.

"You're just making this stuff up." Henry's green eyes pondered as if she was just full of it, or maybe a very good actress.

Vada rolled her eyes at him. Nothing was going to touch her world. Not even Roman Hardy.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I wish Henry would listen.


Sara Gerard said...

Vada has more intuition than she lets on.

ivy said...

Oh..I think she has Roman figured out.

MOSAMUSE said...

once friends.. always friends