Saturday, December 7, 2013

in for the ride

in for the ride prt.1

Henry didn't mean to be this stressed, but all he managed to do was squeeze Leo's hand as they set in the plush chairs of the auditorium, waiting for the play to start. He was excited and scared for Vada. He didn't want her to mess up. He wanted her to love the stage and everything that came with it. But what if it wasn't possible?

He looked down a few rows and saw Dean with someone that wasn't Josie. Henry winced.

"What's wrong?" Leo wanted to know, who also wanted his hand back. Perhaps, Henry stabbed him with his thumb nail.

"Who's that? With Dean?" Henry thought he knew him, but he didn't know from where.

"I dunno. I might have seen him before, but it was last year." Leo said quietly with a shrug.

Henry noticed Josie finally arrived and squeezed in between Dean and the guy with the wavy golden hair. There was something familiar about Dean's friend, but Henry couldn't put his finger on it. Finally, the curtain opened and there was Vada in all her brightness.

Henry couldn't take his eyes off of her, and she couldn't seem to take her eyes off Roman, either.

Henry pondered if it was all because of Roman or was it his character that made Vada so receptive? Or was it just the opposite? He studied the scene, but he watched Dean and Josie too.

Dean put his arm around Josie. Henry knew she wouldn't stay long because she was head of props.

Henry winced more. He didn't know which was more interesting. Watching the play or who was in the audience.

Finally, Henry looped his arm around Leo's arm, and he leaned his head on Leo's shoulder. He was getting comfortable, and he didn't care who might notice. Henry was with his boyfriend and he intended to enjoy the show.

in for the ride prt. 2

Dean sort of wished he'd set in the middle. Maybe bringing Gage to the play was a very bad idea, but Gage wanted to see Vada. Gage would not shut up about Vada.

Had she asked about him? Did she ever talk about him? Of course, Dean said NO, but it was a free country. He couldn't deny Gage from going to the high school auditorium. As it was, he'd just enrolled.

"You know, what." He remembered Gage saying soon after Dean told him that Vada didn't live at Ren's anymore. "I'm glad she's not here."

Dean looked at him as if he couldn't have meant it. After all, Gage and Vada were awful close.

"I'm glad she's got a real home now." Gage sounded as if he was the type to go along with the rules. As if spending time in juvie had made him a better person. "But I want to see her. I have to see her." He sounded so determined.

"Just remember, its opening night. Don't ruin it for her." Dean wished he'd stayed home, but it was too late now. Of course, he had Josie, who spared a few minutes, when she should have been back stage.

After all, she was his girlfriend. But that smirk on Gage's face made Dean uncomfortable. He hoped Gage didn't have any ideas about Josie. After all, Gage enjoyed being a girlfriend stealer.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I'm glad to see Henry feeling more confident with showing his affection for Leo.


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Amazing! :) Have a great weekend ! xo