Monday, December 30, 2013

To be alone with you

To be alone with you

Halie liked to think maybe she was the only one who knew the real Gage. She couldn't explain it, but there was something so true about him that she'd never experienced before.

They'd went off to an old church when they left in the bitter cold. It wasn't all that far to trudge in the snow. Besides, they had each other to keep warm. Perhaps, Halie was so intoxicated with Gage, she didn't even notice the snow.

"I don't think  anyone comes here anymore." He'd managed through a window on the backside and helped her through.

It was still cold, but he had matches. Soon enough he had a fire going in the middle of the chapel with some wood and old hymnals.

Halie didn't dare wonder just what she was doing. Of course, she was mad at everyone. That meant her brother, her boyfriend Jonah. Even her mother and her father and Josie too. Still, she wanted to be with Gage because she was fascinated that he was fascinated with her.

And she trusted him. It was so easy to do. She wouldn't question it.

Soon enough they found each other's warmth in the glow of the fire. When he kissed her she thought she might explode with happiness.

The fire was growing. Finally, Halie noticed.

"What happens if..if we set the place on fire?" She wasn't sure she could even move.

"Oh..shit!" It caught Gage's attention too. They had to get out of here. Now.

Back in the snow again, like a fierce dance. Her feet were numb and oh so cold. Still they went on their way. More hurried than before.

Actually, the fire ruined the passion that was so close to being all Halie had ever hoped for in her romantic life. She needed him. She did. So she followed.

Finally, he sneaked her into the house where he was staying.

"We'll be fine here. If you'll keep quiet." He was serious.

Halie didn't say a word. This was right where she wanted to be.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I just hope that fire doesn't get out of control. :/


deb said...

This is looking like risky business.