Friday, December 13, 2013

We used to be friends

we used to be friends

Hansen supposed he survived Black Friday, thanks to Sara and with Crosby's help. Still, he couldn't say if they made enough to suffice. Sure, food sold fast. Still, would it be enough to make a profit in the long run? Maybe, it was just the wrong time of the year. As it was, he'd seen plenty of flurries, and there were still cooking classes to keep him busy and of course, the pizza at the deli.

As it was, everything was so quiet, lately. Maybe it was Hansen's fault. Sara got an interview at an insurance place. She was still waiting to hear back. She wouldn't officially be out of high school until Winter break. He guessed she was moving up. As much as that pained him, he guessed they were still friends.

Sometimes, he didn't know who his real friends were, anymore. He still had a place to crash at Crosby's, but he was being more secretive than usual.

"For all I know, maybe he hooked up with Sara, and..and they're just keeping it hush hush." He shrugged when he told Julie how Crosby was lately. Of course, he was beginning to think the only reason she stopped by the deli was for free pizza.

Frankly, he was beginning to feel he was being used. But what good did that do, to even bring up? Julie was going to tell him who she'd be interviewing at a show. No doubt. He was already numb, waiting to hear all about her rock'n roll life.

"I don't think he's with her." She shook her head as she bit into a fried mozzarella stick.

Hansen slurped on his soda. If anyone hadn't noticed lately, he was depressed. The whole truckfood scene was such a rollercoaster ride, and now he felt as if he were standing still.

He was looking at his sticky cheese pizza for the longest time, thinking Julie would have an entire monologue about some rocker's stinky arm pits. Finally, he looked up to see she was just staring at him.

"What is it?" He finally winced.

"Crosby hasn't told you, anything, has he?" Julie wanted to know.

"He's kind of grumpy in the morning." He shrugged with a sigh as he picked at his food. What he really wanted was fish and chips. He was sick of pizza.

Julie bit into the crust of her pizza.

"What should he be telling me?" Hansen looked her in the eye. But she chewed slowly as if he'd forget the question, or maybe she would. Finally, she swallowed.

"Its so hard to explain." She shook her head. "You'll judge me."

"OK? I might." He slurped on his drink, wishing it was a green smoothie with lemon grass. That's what he'd do when he got home, juice some grapes with some spinach and avocado.

"I really messed up." She almost looked at him, but not quite.

"How could, you mess up?" Hansen winced.

"Cause, cause I was coming over see you..and..and..I did something..with Crosby." She looked as if she was waiting for him to fling his drink on her.

"Are you, out of your mind!" His voice carried. "What are you saying? You and Crosby?" He looked at her blankly. He made a face of disgust.

"I knew I shouldn't have told you." She was in a pout now.

"OK." Hansen winked in thought. "I dunno..if..if I get this. You, were coming over to see me, and you went for Crosby instead?" His lips were playful, but he really didn't find the situation funny.

"I don't like you, when Sara is around." She informed him.

"Great." He shrugged as if he thought she was the one with the problem. Not him.

"You're my best friend." She blurted.

"No, as I recall, you said I was like a little brother, you never had." Hansen was beginning to think he must get a tattoo with that line.

"I thought if..if I slept with you..."

"Great..great..I can't even be there the right time." Hansen didn't mean to make it about himself. "Are you still seeing him?" He wanted to know about Crosby.

"No. I didn't know what to say. Afterwards." She looked a bit puzzled.

"Jesus, Could you do this? You know, he's going through the worst break up ever." Hansen squinted hard. "You, have to talk to him."

"Maybe..maybe he doesn't remember, cause.."

"What?" Hansen wasn't there. He was asleep on Sara's couch once they were done with the food truck. If Crosby was as tired as he was, and he was dragging.. "You, woke him up, didn't you?" Hansen shook his head. "Some friend you are, Julie." Now he couldn't eat at all.

"I shouldn't have told you, anything." Julie picked up her tray. "Just don't say anything. Maybe..maybe it'll be like nothing ever happened."

She walked away. Hansen didn't think it would be quite that easy.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I'm with Hansen...a situation like this will definitely not be that easy.


ivy said...

If I were Hansen, I'd be terribly upset.

Sara Gerard said...

Wow, poor Hansen has way too much to deal with. What a horrible way to break the news as well!