Wednesday, January 15, 2014

a little lonely heart

a little lonely heart

This couldn't be happening. It felt more like a dream than anything else. What was Holden suppose to do? He was home alone when the doorbell rang and it was Syreeta.

He really thought he might bump his head on the side of the door and passout, but that didn't happen. He smiled without thinking.

"She's..she's not home." Holden finally cleared his throat and wondered if that might be a good thing.

Syreeta only nodded. She was most definitely Luna's best friend.

"Luna..Luna is probably with Zac." He was pretty certain as his eyes sprang open. Knowing, this was going to be over quickly. This moment. It would pass, and Syreeta would walk away, and he'd go back to that stupid video game of his.

Besides, he didn't know if he could think clearly and carry on a conversation. But she kept looking at him as if she knew. She knew how awful it was to be Holden Cartwright.

For starters he needed a do over of some kind. He was just that guy who was in the carwreck with Sunny Wilson. Why hadn't he saved her?

"You, should probably go." He said on autopilot.

"Actually, I came to see you." She told him.

That got a rise out of the pupils of his true blue eyes. He shut the door behind her. What did she mean?

"I'm sorry if..if I made, you, uncomfortable. You know, on my birthday. Essie is really nice and..and.." She started.

Holden pressed his lips tight with a nod. Before Syreeta could finish, he kissed her. Right in the foyer.

It had been so long. And the kiss lingered as he shut his eyes and instantly thought of Sunny. Why Sunny? He didn't want to think about her. He knew very well who he was kissing. He did. Syreeta was his step-sister's best friend.

It was a rush. He took her hand, and headed downstairs to his room.

Of course, the room was of rot with dirty socks on the floor, a basket of clean laundry that might not stay clean and a ton of books and video games that was a challenge to leap over, but he managed to some how  pull her on top of him on the plaid flannel sheets of his bed.

Happiness was rising. He actually didn't care if she knew that she turned him on. When they kissed this time, Sunny didn't haunt him. It was very clear Syreeta was delicate like a little bird. Her lips like candy which he took his time to devour because he really wanted this to last...longer.

Still the maneuvers, the turns, her almost falling off the bed once or twice along with other twist and turns and heavy and breathless kissing was exhausting. Still it felt wonderful and exhilarating.

"Maybe..maybe we could just have sex with our clothes on." Holden couldn't believe he said it. Of course, he'd only had sex with one other girl and she called the shots. The one who got him in trouble so, that he had to move in with his Dad and his new family.

Syreeta didn't say anything, but the weight of her was on top of him. She kissed him as if she might think about it.

Honestly, this was nice. This was enough. He was content, being this close to someone.

But he heard the front door. His step-sister Luna was home. Maybe if they stayed still enough, it would work itself out. Even so, he was plotting when their next little excursion might be.


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Oh my..wonder where this might go?

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I like these characters!

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I want to see more of these two.

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Awww...he's adorable!


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